May 29, 2012

Are you in London? Would you mind popping along to the V & A for me?

Ok, here's the deal. 
That most glorious shrine to fashion, art & design,
the Victoria & Albert Museum in London,
has just opened an exhibition called,
"Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950."
Oh my. How brilliant does that sound?

But the thing is, it's in London, obviously, and I'm not.
Well not at the moment, obviously.
Because if I were,
 I would be the person at the exhibition looking wistfully 
at all the beautiful gowns,
while the guards keep asking 
"Are you ok there, miss? You've been here all day." 

So if anybody is actually able to pop along and see it,
and report back on just how truly fabulous it probably is,
I'm figuring that there are a lot of people,
just like me,
who would luff to hear all about it. 

What do you reckon?

ball gowns: british glamour since 1950 

UPDATE :: Marina from Iced Vo-Vo's kindly took up my begging plea, 
and posted about it here on her gorgeous blog.


  1. I love the V&A. Possibly my favourite museum in the world. I could spend days there. It's always on my hit list when I visit London. Looks like a gorgeous exhibit.

    Sandy K

    1. I think it's probably my favourite museum in the world too. Not the largest, but one of the best curated.

      So it sounds like the guards would be enquiring after you, as well as me!

  2. I will definitely be going to the Ballgown exhibition Virginia ... they have also revamped the whole fashion section ... which I am eager to see again! My middle daughter has been dying to go, but since she is in the middle of her exams ... it will have to wait a little.

    Why dont you fly on over and we can go together ;)

    Btw, I missed your spectacular post on your garden (which I have just seen) ... how gorgeous is it with all the changing colours!
    So glad you are happy with your camera choice ... the photos are wonderful.

    1. Yippee! I was so hoping that you might! It was so wonderful to read about your visit to Chelsea. Sorely tempted to take up your invite. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I think I am overdue for a return visit to my beloved London.

      Good luck to your daughter - a visit to the exhibition sounds like a good reward at the end.

  3. Hello Virginia:
    The current director of the V&A has done much, through a series of wonderful exhibitions, to project the museum and its perceived image well and truly into the C21. This is but one of many very startling and innovative shows which deserves every success.

    1. I agree that the selection of a director has an extraordinary large effect on the successful re-invention of an art gallery or museum. Incredibly so. And that's the thing. They do need to keep re-assessing to continue to engage. Sometimes, no change is required, but sometimes it is, and a good director knows the difference.

  4. I'd love to pop into the V&A and give you the lowdown next time I am in London. Sounds like an amazing exhibit, have a great week Virginia

  5. Can you imagine if we went together?!? They would call the asylum to come take us away. Jeanne at Collage of Life mentioned going in a recent post. Hit her up for info! And just in case you don't know her blog, here is the link as you would love it:

    1. Don't know her blog - but just checked it out. Wow, she sure gets around. A multinational family is an understatement.

  6. Oh I miss the V&A, amongst so many other parts of London. They are so clever at how inclusive their exhibitions are to people who may not necessarily think to go to a 'museum' but also excels in its offerings for those who attend regularly. So clever. Maybe some kind local will post some photos? Annie x.

  7. London is somewhere I would love to get back to. I wonder how long the exhibition goes for, or maybe we can get it to come to Melbourne or Bendigo!

    1. It's on till jan next year - so plenty of time. And yes, I wonder if they are thinking of bringing it to Bendigo after the popularity of the wedding dress collective.


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