Apr 21, 2012

Welcome to the House of Fun :: new work by Andrew Maynard

Architecture can be a very fun component of the arts.
One can play with shape, colour, form & texture.
Yet sometimes,
something which at first appears light-hearted
can actually disguise a much more serious design philosophy.
And so it is with this latest work by the imaginative Andrew Maynard.
The site was a long, narrow block with an existing house
facing the street at the front. 
Rather than extend "out the back",
this was a chance to question the entire site plan,
to delve into how a family really lives,
and to maximise sunlight in winter & shade in summer.
With rear side access as a bonus,
the resulting floor plan creates two separate pavilions,
the new one at the rear for living
and the original house (reconfigured) at the front for sleeping.
This means there is a sun-trap in the middle,
a place of quiet & retreat in the centre of a busy Melbourne suburb.
And a wonderful place for the 3 children
(and adults) to play.
The 2 pavilions are linked with a dramatic glass-faced corridor.
The new structure continues the playful theme
with spiral stairs 
(always a favourite for both swash-buckling kids
and fun-loving adults. Or maybe that's just me???).
Polished concrete floors are family friendly,
so easy to clean &, dare I say it, brilliant for disguising everyday mess.
Adding loose rugs on top creates warmth & colour,
and can be taken outside for more thoroughly cleaning when needed.
The plywood ceilings not only create texture
but would be fabulous for absorbing sound.

The Hill House is playful, yes,
but it is the result of very serious thought.
As all good architecture should be : questioning, questioning, questioning.

lots more images & background :: andrew maynard hill house


  1. Goodmorning!
    Well ... this is an original! I wouldn't say no to living in such a home with my family!
    Always like visiting your site!

  2. Whoa! That is some crazy business! I love it! Thanks for putting up so many photos otherwise I wouldn't have believed my eyes.

  3. Wow. That is amazing! I love the polished concrete floor.
    So glad there are people out there willing to do really different and innovative things x

  4. Wow!
    This is really fab!
    Love it and thanks for sharing V.

    JWE xx

  5. Now THAT'S something!!! Something amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. What a showstopping entrance. Love the concrete floors too. This is definitely thinking outside the box!

  7. g r e a t!

    Happy new week to you

  8. oh WOW!! That house is ridiculous, but incredibly amazing at the same time! Most definitely fun indeed!!

  9. Fantastic architecture, looks great!


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