Apr 2, 2012

Roses on my Bedside Table :: utter luxury.

 Freshly gathered from the garden,
drenched in the sunset-pink glow of autumn,
the most fragrantly exquisite roses
sit upon my bedside table.
Utter, utter luxury.
To see what else is on my bedside table,
jump across to the elegant Iced Vo-Vo's,
where Marina has begun a fabulous new series,
looking at a different bedside table each Monday.
Something delightful to start the week! 

images :: blue fruit


  1. Hello Virginia:
    These are indeed rather special. We love the absolute vibrancy of the first image. And how lovely always to have fresh flowers on the bedside table.

    1. Hello Jane & Lance! They are the most amazing colour, I agree. They are Pat Austin roses - and they change colour throughout the year, which is indeed rather special. Pale pink in spring, then this more orangey apricot bronze pink tone in autumn. Very clever little plant! x

  2. Great - the idea that roses still have scent. Here, unless one grows them oneself, they do not. The American Beauty rose is the most Stepford and scentless of all. We have just planted an old-fashioned rambler on our terrace and are hoping it will do well. Autumn for you as we are just in Spring - and a wonderful one it is except for the deep layers of yellow pollen.

    1. Ah yes, the pollen which smells so sweet, yet creates havoc for those of us who suffer hay fever! x

  3. Ah, who wouldn't be happy with such a bouquet of flowers upon the bedside table?;-)

  4. These are absolutely divine - wish I had flowers like these in the garden - soon we will have flowers soon :)
    Have a great week Virginia,

  5. Beautiful flowers!! I'm inspired to go jazz my bedside table up abit! x

  6. My roses are full of buds and I can hardly wait for them to bloom...love having them in every room!!

  7. Mel@Georgica Pond3/4/12 3:56 PM

    Do they smell as glorious as they look?


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