Apr 12, 2012

MIFGS 2012 :: recycling ideas for the garden...

 I mentioned the recurring theme of recycling in yesterday's post
about the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show,
so I figured you may like to see some of the ideas.
 This beautiful water pot was in Jason Hodges "Spare Change" garden,
where nearly every single item was found at the local council dump
and re-used with imagination.
From the timber used to create this rustic alfresco terrace
(including the parquetry herringbone floor)
to the mismatch of old dining chairs
(now all smartly painted soft matt charcoal),
all these items were somebody's cast-offs.
In fact, the only elements purchased new 
were sand, cement, nuts, bolts, screws & nails.
He even recycled some of the plants! 
And as the lady next to me remarked,
"any garden with a white crepe myrtle gets my vote".
(You can just see it here, 
in full flower, on the right.)
An old fashioned plant which deserves 
to be rediscovered, I think.
Then there were some rather tongue in cheek ideas,
like this veggie "bed".
A couple of palettes stacked up to form a vertical herb garden.
This idea is very do-able,
especially as old palettes are often seen sitting on verges
waiting to be thrown away.
This was a delight!
See the old cans & tyres which form a water trail 
for the fountain?
Such a cheeky tin robot!
And then there were the outright crazy ones,
like the baby basket filled with flowers & ferns,
complete with parasol!
But all lots of fun,
and providing lots of inspiration for recycling in the garden.

images :: all taken by blue fruit at MIFGS 2012
for more information :: MIFGS


  1. Oh hello Virginia

    I know it's been a while - forgive me so.

    I'm in love with those gardens full of vege's and the use of the timber for that floor and the aged silver grey makes my heart happy.

    hope this finds you well

    x Loulou

    1. Just delightful to have you popping in again to say hello Lou Lou! I love aged silver grey timber too. Almost the colour of driftwood.

  2. Some very clever and beautiful ideas...I love it when creativity is applied in such unusual and unexpected way x

    1. Yes indeed, and it's a great way to encourage people to think twice before throwing things out.

  3. Hello Virginia:
    All of this is so very ingenious and highly imaginative. We are much taken with the recycled 'parquet' floor and the odd dining chairs refashioned with a touch of soft charcoal paint. It is, as this post demonstrates, so important to recognise that items discarded by others may, with a little imagination, be so readily put to new use.

    1. He's sure not short of imagination - and I love the fact that he chose to encourage people to use their imaginations with existing materials. It breaks my heart to see so many good materials sent off to dumps.


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