Apr 20, 2012

Just can't resist that roaring 20s beat...

Yippee it's the weekend
and these girls know it!
Hope you have a fabulously glamorous weekend!

image :: nightlife found via snoop


  1. We have a term here: shake the skeleton. They are are doing this so well.
    Wishing you a great Friday!

  2. LOVE this one too (saved it for a rainy day)
    HAPPY WEEKEND dear Virginia - hope it is a stylish one, full of dancing :) !!

  3. :)
    WONDERFUL Ms Blue Fruit!

    Happy weekend to you too and happy wiggles all the way from Sweden!

    xx Charlotta

  4. This is so cute! And don't you just love those dresses and the way they move too!
    Happy weekend.
    Amanda x


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