Apr 16, 2012

How to Hairstyles :: Jazz Age inspired locks

If you are inspired to try out the Jazz Age inspired cocktail party,
here's a fabulous DIY hairstyle which would suit the spirit of the times,
or would simply look lovely for a day at the office,
or an evening at the theatre.
And it is designed for mid length hair.
The instructions are here.

And if you have long tresses,
Ellen from a Wild Tea Party has mastered the art 
of taming her long locks into a 1920s flapper bob.
She shares the how to here.

images :: top : bhldn
bottom : wild tea party


  1. Just love the flapper style....was reminded how much when I saw The Artist earlier this year. You really can't beat a classic '20's style bob and always love a 'chignon'.....that word just as much as the thing itself!

    JWE xx

    1. Oh I love that word "chignon" too! As well as the hairstyle. Some words are just delicious to say.

  2. I have a hair appointment on Tuesday, and have already planned on a short 1920's style bob. I haven't worn my hair short in years and am so looking forward to the freedom of it!...k

    1. How fun Kathy! Hope you love it. Short just in time for summer for you!

  3. How did I miss this all those months ago! Thanks for sharing my tutorial :)


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