Apr 2, 2012

Fabulous Front Entrances :: The Drama of Black

You can have some fun with a front door.
It's a place where the drama can get notched up a tad,
to bring an element of the theatrical to such a symbolic part of the home.
And one of the most successful ways to do that,
is simply to paint it black.
In an older home, 
the confidence of black creates a bold contemporary edge.
In this home in Armadale,
the black door, 
against the white painted brick & white cast iron lace,
places all the emphasis on the intricate lead light.
Without making it too fussy.
But black as a front door works equally well in a home 
of more simplistic lines.
This is a house by Mim Design,
where the tones of black & cream in the entry 
immediately tell the visitor this is a home
where simple elegance reigns.

They are both boldly delicious!

images :: armadale house sold recently // rg residence by mim design


  1. I love black doors which is probably why I painted my own charcoal. I am dying to get the exterior painted so I can choose a fabulous colour for my entrance (that said, anything would be an improvement on the current look). Gorgeous houses! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. Wonderful...black can be amazing is used cleverly
    Have a great week x

  3. Mel@Georgica Pond2/4/12 11:13 AM

    I love a glossy black door - nothing like it, and was wanting to do one for ours but was told it's not ideal if you face west due to heat and potential warping. So I do admire other black doors with a twinge of envy. I think black is the most effective colour there is to add to a room, in any quantity or shape. Just always gives a room that extra little something.

    1. That's absolutely true, Mel, and I wouldn't specify it on a west facing, non-protected, elevation in a sunny climate like Sydney either. Having said that though, some paints are better than others at protecting & nourishing the timber underneath. x

  4. How beautiful is the black and leadlight in the first photo? They are both very elegant but I think I would go with charcoal, not sure why, but I think black would be too harsh for me x

  5. I love black doors. I think this color works with any style home. And it sets the stage of entrance and really makes it pop from the street.


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