Apr 23, 2012

Fabulous Front Doors :: Pot plants used differently

Adding a potted plant or two
to a front door certainly creates a cheery welcome.
But they don't always have to sit on each side 
of the front door.
This house was built in1930 in the Deco Moderne style,
by Cedric Gibbons, the MGM art director, as his Hollywood home.
Designed by Douglas Hoonold,
this is perhaps one of the most beautiful 
asymmetrical entrances that I know of.
And the two simple pots highlight the balance.
With a smaller scale in which to play,
this stepped entrance in a terrace house 
has just enough room 
for one pot to sit, 
as the happy welcoming party.
Using sticks, in brightly-golden hues, rather than a plant,
creates curiosity. 
Makes me want to have a look inside.

In both examples, there isn't enough room to place
a pot on each side of the door.
But it hasn't stopped either entrance from looking fabulous. 

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  1. Oooh I love the second door, especially with those bold numbers on the dark colour. Will remember this when I'm painting. G. x

    1. And did you notice that they sit proud from the door - creating a wonderful shadow behind them? Lovely detail.

  2. That first entrance is stunning with the stepped architraves. Beautiful! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

    1. I could stare at it for hours Anna! I bet first time visitors linger at the front door before stepping through, just to look at it a moment longer.

  3. Hello Virginia:
    Whilst it is always the easiest solution to work in pairs in such situations as doorways and entrances, these photographs amply demonstrate that they do not necessarily have to be placed in a conventional way and that there are occasions when one will more than do.

    1. Indeed yes. A case where less is more. (Not always the case, in my book! But here it truly is.)

  4. Love! the second entrance.

  5. Such unique ideas! I love the artistic approach of the bright sticks!


  6. What a right choice of words, Virginia, "creates curiosity". Isn't what entrance should be about: beautiful and a bit intriguing, it conveys in one stroke so much.
    Great examples of asymmetrical elegance.

  7. The pot plant in the second photo is definitely one I could not kill with kindness :-)


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