Apr 12, 2012

Delectable Duet :: Silver + Sparkle...

Amidst all the whirls of colour abounding at this time of year,
both in the spring blossom of the north
and the reddening autumn leaves of the south
(and as beautiful as that is),
it's rather lovely to come back to that
classic & classy combination
of silver + sparkle.
After all, it is April, the month of diamonds...

From dazzling beaded gowns to
droplets of crystal suspended like twinkling stars in a museum,
the simplicity of silver sparkles 
will always be a delectable duet,
in April or any month.

images :: bathroom photographed by penny wincer // brooch // 
glittering entrance to Ritz-Carlton spa


  1. Looove the bathroom. G.x

  2. I can live without the sparkle but find it difficult to pass the silver!!!

  3. Lovely. I had no idea April was Diamond Month. But now that I do.........

  4. Wow, such beautiful images. Love the tub and especially that sparkling ceiling space. What I would give to experience that in person!

  5. Delectable duo indeed :)

  6. Didn't know April was the diamond month.
    Now, that bathroom and that dress are really precious.
    Wish you a happy Friday.

  7. Love that bathroom, pure luxury!

  8. Gorgeous tub! And the dress is just fabulous! Have a beautiful weekend ahead, Kellie xx


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