Apr 11, 2012

Baking :: Fetta, Basil & Pumpkin Pasties

Very fortuitously, 
I managed to time my enforced week of leisure
with uni and school holidays. 
Which is simply fabulous, 
as the children can learn to cook more than their 
stock-standard curry & stir fry offerings. 
So last night, 
I whipped up this little number,
while standing on one leg,
pink flamingo-like,
with my daughter acting as sous chef,
for the parts which required the stability of two legs.
You see?
It's quite possible, with a little practice.
It's a most delicious pastie which adapts to any time of year,
simply by using seasonal vegetables.
Being the beautiful mild autumn which is Melbourne
(code for unpredictable weather which ranges from 
Indian summer to fr-fr-freezing,
mostly in the space of one afternoon)
the pastie was filled with a most scrumptious mixture 
of butternut pumpkin & fresh basil from the garden,
mixed with crumbly fetta & just a little beef.
The heirloom tomatoes have been unbelievably good this year,
and there is simply nothing as luxurious as being able to pick them 
fresh from the garden. 
The trick with a good pastie though, 
is definitely the pastry.
We are lucky to be able to buy the most extraordinary 
quality of puff pastry, 
made locally with organic flour & pure butter
(Borg's brand, if you live in Australia and can get it),
but real pastry it must be : not that dreadful margarine stuff.
It's a cinch to make - and tastes equally good with carrot,
instead of pumpkin. 
As long as it has potato, onion, beef & fetta as the base,
you can add whatever other grated vegetables you like.
(I often leave out the beef altogether, 
but shhh...don't tell my husband.)

And as a bonus, 
even a flamingo can make it.
(With a little help from her daughter...)

images :: flamingo
all others :: blue fruit

the little baking/ spice man is bakelite from the 1930s,
and just about has more glue than bakelite
from the number of times we have dropped it!


  1. Loving the imagery! Didn't the temperature plummet the other night? Crazy!
    Thanks for the tip on the pastry, it's great weather for pies and pasties and the recipe looks a cinch.
    Hope the ankle is improving x

  2. AHH I am loving this pasty - used to eat tons of these when I lived in the UK but haven't had one for years.
    This one rocks - I can't even imagine making one standing on 2 legs Virginia - I applaud you - and the souschef - and will try this at home :)

  3. Ah it looks so lovely! I love savory pastries. They make me feel like I'm eating somewhat healthy. Somewhat :)

  4. Yum - These look fab. I've bookmarked this page as I really want to make these for our packed lunches! I love your spice rack too!

  5. I will try this, looks delicious!
    But, please, take care, didn't the doctor say you should rest?

  6. I love anything that has feta and is encrusted in pastry! I'm trying this recipe this weekend.

  7. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Injuries like these are so frustrating!

    And now I'm hungry...

  8. Love pumpkin and feta - your recipes are always wonderful thank you. We make a (Donna Hay) pumpkin gnocchi. I'm not usually a gnocchi fan but this is delicious; could be something to do with the thyme butter it swims in! Annie x.


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