Mar 27, 2012

Would you Like to Live here? :: alfresco living in the sunshine

Well you know I have a fondness for houses which embrace
the alfresco lifestyle...
it's rather irresistible I find...
so this home in Paddington, Sydney,
with its huge panes of sliding doors,
has me admiring the open sunny spaces.
 Shall we eat here on the deck?
Or shall we eat just inside, 
in the shade?
Options for dining are wonderful,
if one has space enough to do so.
The enormous sculptural tree root to the left 
is a textural contrast with the simplicity of the architecture.
Can't resist showing you the floor plan, 
because it is a doozy. 
Apart from those sensational angles
(a builder's nightmare and an architect's dream)
can you see that there is a courtyard 
a roof terrace?
Oh yes, very nice, thank you.
It makes what is a smallish block 
feel like a big one.
Concrete ceiling & a skylight in the study
makes for a rather intriguing,
but successful,
From the street facade,
we can see that they have milked every centimeter of space.
Here is the roof terrace.
A lovely spot for a gin + tonic,
while watching the sun set.
Um, this furniture just metamorphosed...
which do you like better?
The oval table & olive green sofas
or this version?
It's a kitchen for modernists.
White, simple, sleek.
(Personally, I want to soften this up a little with real life clutter, 
but perhaps that's just me?)
And it always comes back to the fabulous alfresco 
connection between indoors + outdoors.
Gets me every time.

Would you like to live here?

property location :: 81 leinster st paddington sydney
architects :: murray thomas & associates
interiors :: anna thomas
images & agents :: ken jacobs 


  1. Would i?? I think the question is could I? :)

    1. Well hello Tamra! That's a definite yes then! x

  2. Who on earth is going to say no to this one?! Not me! Sign me up!! I love absolutely ever single thing about it--that glam terrace, glam bedroom suite with its own balcony...killer. But I want to keep the root sculpture too. :)

  3. Yes please - when can I love in!

  4. Wow! This is a gorgeous open plan house! Of course I would like to live in this place! Hubby would too! LOL! Well I stumbled upon your blog via Mix and Chic (Jessie is one my favs here in the blogland)! And I'm glad I did! Absolutely following you!
    Have a lovely week!
    Love, Olga

  5. Oh my goodness how lovely. I want to move in!!! :)

  6. When can I move in? I love it all!!

  7. Hi Miss Blue ! I just came across your blog, its great ! Oh and by the way this is my Dads Paddington house ! He is the owner and architect. He is such a talent. He also does amazing art work which you can view on my sisters interior design website. Keep up the good blogs ; )
    cheers, Ruby x


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