Mar 16, 2012

Wedding Thoughts :: a sea green & blue theme...

I always figured 2012 was going to be one of those good years.
But what I didn't count on, 
was just how many of my family 
have decided it is the year to get married. 
A brother, a nephew & a niece have all locked in dates for 2012. 
I love a wedding, with all the romance & happiness entwined. 
My niece asked me to put together some ideas for her wedding, 
to get her started. 
And this is one of them, 
in a seaside theme of watery blues & greens.
Freshly gathered bunches of blue hydrangeas, 
agapanthus & liriope flowers with delicate maidenhair fern;
palest blue chiffon gowns for the bridesmaids;
pale blue patent heels for the bride
& tables set with blue glass + driftwood.
I wonder if she'll like it?

images :: gowns, shoes, bracelet BHLDN


  1. Very dreamy and romantic. What fun! I look forward to doing the same for for my daughter one day, hopefully!! x

  2. Your niece is a lucky, blessed girl to have you and a wonderful date to look forward to! Your blog is looking fab and of course GLAM!! XO, Kelly

  3. I have two sons....I'll NEVER get to do this! :( ...but I love looking. Great post/moodboard...k

  4. Beautiful Virginia - just right - she is a lucky niece :) Happy weekend sweets,

  5. Gorgeous! I think these colours definately suit the theme, so fresh and happy. G

  6. So incredibly heavenly—lovely inspiration! Feels so fresh—I think your niece will adore this!
    Wishing you the loveliest weekend ahead…


  7. Wow--only you would come up with this and it is so very beautiful. Almost makes ME want to tie the knot (cough, cough)...

    Bon weekend!

  8. What a lucky neice to have such a stylish aunt!!! All gorgeous pictures of course. What fun!!

  9. Mel@Georgica Pond19/3/12 12:19 PM

    Divine - I think this is probably my all time favourite colour combination for a wedding - heavenly. I used to be a wedding stylist and I so miss creating beautiful events like this, it's such fun. You're going to have such a wonderful time helping and no doubt they will be beautiful, stylish, elegant and the height of chic!


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