Mar 22, 2012

Pivot Doors :: a fun way to move inside + outside

The house on the hill is progressing very beautifully,
and today I have been finalising the design for the front door,
which will be a pivot one.
While the one I have designed is made from rustic timber,
these aluminium ones are rather gorgeous too.
Pivot doors are such fun - perhaps it is the inner child in me,
but I always find them great fun to open.
A little bit Get Smart, perhaps!

image :: design of house in south yarra by nixon tulloch fortey


  1. Hello Virginia:
    These doors are exceedingly smart and very, very contemporary. We are sure those which you have designed will look equally as good.

  2. LOVE the yellow chairs - yay so fresh :)
    - and so true what you said / opposite sides of the world/opposite trends but still very much the same.
    Hope you have a bright Autumn day Virginia :)

  3. Amazing!
    Have a nice day!

    And maybe we can follow each others, let me know
    if you want...

  4. what could be a better chair to meld the new with the old than BENTWOOD chairs!!!
    i love.


  5. I love them--what a perfect way to bring the outside in. Glad to hear that the house on the hill is going well!

  6. How fun are these doors? Absolutely adore! The yellow chairs are fabulous, too.



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