Mar 5, 2012

Marcio Kogan :: yet another exquisitely beautiful house

It's absolutely no secret how much I admire the work 
of talented Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan.
And this home, the Chimney House,
yet again displays his brilliant ability to balance out 
positive & negative space,
light & shadow,
texture & simplicity.
As both chair & sculpture,
the yellow amoebic shape provides organic juxtaposition
against the rigidly linear lines of the pool, 
blade walls & frame-edged windows.
It's a clever contrast.
As is the case with many of this firm's houses, 
interior & exterior 
are somewhat seamless. 
There is a sense of shelter inside,
from the textured, broomed concrete ceiling,
but the huge sliding glass doors 
to both sides make the outdoors all so inviting.
The garden, like the yellow chair,
is as much about sculpture as it is about greenery.
And at night, 
with lights highlighting the twisted, gnarled forms of the trees,
it becomes a magical, enchanted garden-courtyard.
Wonderful for entertaining, 
but also contained enough
to be a very welcoming,
and nurturing, 
home for the lucky occupants. 

architectural co-author: oswaldo pessano
interior co-author: diana radomysler + caroliina castroviejo
photography: reinaldo coser + gabriel arantes


  1. Understated and elegant. Proportionally perfect. I wish I had the self control to aim for this look as I do love it!
    penny x

  2. Exquisite indeed. Love the beautiful outdoor lighting and adore the way the doors open completely!!

  3. This house is insane! I love it!


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