Mar 9, 2012

Friday Fun :: Looking for the Unexpected...

On a giant branch, 
perched on a pond outside the Art Gallery of Auckland,
a swathing mass of impossible cherry blossom
sang an ode to life.
And it made me think of Henri Matisse's witty observation...
Ever so true,
don't you think?

 images were taken during our all-too-quick trip
to New Zealand a few months ago! 


  1. That is utterly beautiful.
    Ah, I'm usually in bed by now, that's why I'm missing your posts.

    1. Ah! Mystery solved! I normally get up at 5 or 6 am to do my posts - but the last couple of weeks have been so busy with projects that I am spending that time designing buildings instead of designing my blog posts - so they have been posted later. By which time, in UK time, you are obviously asleep! Will try to get back to normal scheduling from next week. VB x

  2. Usually I'm not fond of artificial flowers, but in this case palette and the giant scale is so fun and works for modern space wonderfully.
    Great quote and pics.
    Thank you.

    1. Me either Natalie. In fact I have a mantra that things should be as they are - celebrate real if it's real - and in the case of artificial - celebrate artificial because it's artificial, if that makes sense! Which is why I think this works - nobody is trying to pretend that there are real flowers growing from the ceiling, or sprouting out of a dead piece of branch - so it's fun. VB x

  3. How wonderful is this!
    The Kiwis do it with style.....fab photos!

    J x

    1. They sure do! In fact I was struck by the beautiful design wherever we went - especially in their packaging designs. VB x

  4. Splendid! How cheering that branch and the flowers must have been - I think, I too, might have liked to sit beside them.

    1. Funny you should say that, because we were so content just sitting next to them they we spent quite a bit of time there. Just sitting. And people watching! VB x

  5. Dear Virginia - I adore the branch in the water - the colors are amazing. And I'd never heard the Matisse quote before - so true and beautiful.
    Happy weekend sweet friend,

  6. How I love that quote! So wonderful!
    Bon weekend!

  7. That brilliant splash of colour against the grey of the city is breathtaking.
    Who cares if it is real or fake!!!!!

  8. So so gorgeous and Matisse's comment, definitely true...x


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