Mar 30, 2012

Friday Fun :: A DIY Sofa grown from Lawn...

Rather fancy this idea,
of a an outdoor garden sofa
of soft green grass.
If you fancy it too,
there are instructions for how to DIY here.

Of course, 
not sure how well the mower would go 
on those angles...

DIY lawn sofa instructions :: readymade


  1. I think this is more like garden art !!
    Wonderful that someone thought of it and then did it.

    1. And wouldn't it be equally delightful with a low-growing groundcover, like violets perhaps? Heaven! x

  2. Isn't it fun?! Some friends and I were laughing yesterday about how our husbands eye up the lawn and mutter about how they'd better go and mow it/escape what really needs doing for an hour's peace! I think this would keep them outside a for a good length of time! Have a lovely weekend. Annie x.

    1. There's a thought. So the fact that my lawn is mowed by my teenage son without complaint (which I find strange) may well just be explained by your observation. He whinges about most everything else, so the mystery is solved thank you! x

  3. That is so cool! Amazing that someone actually did it. It would look lovely with some flowers trailing from the arms and back.
    I'm going to sow some Virginian Stock this weekend, to fill some bare patches and thought of you!
    Enjoy this gorgeous weather, if it lasts for the weekend. x

  4. FAB apart from when it rains I'd say :)
    Happy weekend Virginia,

  5. This is so fun!
    You wouldn't want to have a grass allergy...
    Have a gorgeous weekend Virginia xx


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