Mar 2, 2012

Friday Fun :: Champagne on Fridays!

And on a Friday, 
I couldn't agree more!

Buddy Rogers & Clara Bow 
from the movie Wings (in 1927),
seem to think so too.

image from the loudest voice.


  1. Just what's needed to wash a couple of Panadol down the hatch with Virginia!
    Millie xx

  2. Ha ha...couldn't agree more. Cheers! Annie x.

  3. Oh you know me, I could have it every day à la Monroe and never take it for granted! We also just found an excellent crémant from Burgundy--yummy at only 6€ the bottle!

    Bon weekend!

  4. what a hoot! still waitnign for part 2 of cocktails or have I missed it?

    1. Hi Sue! Oh I haven't done it yet! I am busy compiling all the history of cocktails in the 1920s, and keep getting distracted with other things that I find that I want to post about. But it shall be up this week - probably on Friday which is when I start thinking of cocktails! VB


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