Mar 19, 2012

Fabulous Front Entrances :: Curving Avenues

Sometimes a straight line to the front door is perfect.
But sometimes, 
 a little more mystery can be a more exciting solution.
Because you can't actually see what you are looking for.
You have to go exploring for it. 
So the anticipation builds.
Will the house be stunning?
Or will it be sad?
No clues.
And then, the mystery is revealed at the end...
And it's stunning.
This fabulous entrance & Art Deco house 
is on a property in New Zealand
 which used to belong to the designer Karen Walker.
The curving avenue is a subtle play on the 
Art Deco
ocean liner curves.
Oh, I did say no clues!
Well, that's so very subtle that it is extremely effective!

Gorgeous, isn't it? 


  1. Hello Virginia:
    Normally we should go for the straight approach, particularly in a small space. But here the curves are most suitable for the reasons you suggest and, of course, to tie in with the architecture of the house.

  2. I always wanted to live in an art deco house - and this one is delightful Virginia :)

  3. I love the art deco house! Looks like a great yard too.


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