Mar 23, 2012

Cushions :: hand printed delicacy from Dancing at Dusk

 Just came across these somewhat delightful handmade cushions,
while hunting for interesting pieces for one of my projects.
They have a gentle watercolour feel to them, 
which would work beautifully in a room with lots of white.

 I love that the back is different to the front.
(This is the back of the Tigerlily cushion in the first image.)
As well as the cushions, 
they make a charming zippered bag
in matching fabric. 
That would make a nice little organiser.
All of the pieces are made in Australia,
hand printed & hand sewn.  

There are even matching cards!
The delicate design is by the Tasmanian fashion illustrator Kelly Smith, 
who has just launched her new homewears label Dancing at Dusk.
What a gorgeous name! 
Don't mind if I do!


  1. These are gorgeous Virginia - happy weekend to you sweets,

  2. These are fabulous! Loving the colors too! Have a beautiful weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  3. I agree, totally wonderful! Haven't seen anything like this, and if they're hand-painted they would be like little works of art, right? xx's

  4. Great cushions. And loving your nail polish colour by the way. Enjoy your weekend.

    xAnastasia at decor is like butter

  5. These gorgeous and stylish pillows are definitely new to me! Adore the first one (front & back). I love that the artist put a fresh new spin on the ever-popular chevron design!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a lovely weekend, Virginia!



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