Mar 15, 2012

A Conservatory style Kitchen :: glimpses of green beyond

Currently a little besotted with the notion of a conservatory.
Not necessarily an old one. 
This rather delightful modern interpretation 
has all the necessary hallmarks:
light, bright, surrounded by garden.

And I rather fancy it would be the most splendid spot
in which to curl up with a good book,
in the morning, basking in shafts of sunshine,
or by moonlit evening, watching the stars above. 

Design :: PLE residence by Mim Design
Photography :: Shannon McGrath


  1. Love the new take on conservatory, so so cool. Definitely my cup of tea.
    These pics are going straight into my home file and on my kitchen dream board on pinterest, thanks for sharing x

  2. No doubt if I had that kitchen, I would be spending all my time in there!

  3. Really beautiful. I love bringing the outdoors in!!

    Art by Karena

  4. No doubt because it is an overcast day here I am also thinking how lovely it would be to enjoy that space with rain pattering on the roof!!

  5. The ideal room to be in when it's pouring with rain - I could sit there for hours.

  6. Just beautiful—one would almost feel very much a part of nature! x


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