Mar 6, 2012

Colour of the Month: Bloodstone + Aquamarine: March's Birthstones

In all the excitement of so many projects whirling all around me, 
very nearly forgot about the Birthstone of the Month!
But it is a colour not easily forgotten,
because there is a certain generosity about March,
with not one,
but two,
birthstones: Bloodstone + Aquamarine.
In our Tiffany Gregorian Poems series printed in 1870,
Bloodstone is the gem mentioned. 
Also known as Heliotrope, it is a semi-precious stone,
mostly of dark green background,
with little flecks of dark red - from whence it gets its name.
It was thought to be a powerful weapon against 
various blood disorders
in medieval times.
However, somewhere around the turn of the century, 
the beautiful clear green-blue stone of Aquamarine snuck in as an 
alternative for March's birthstone. 
In fact, by 1912, when the 
American National Association of Jewelers
decided enough was enough
they listed both Bloodstone & Aquamarine for March.
But luckily for us, it just so happens that pale, greeny-blue aquamarine 
and deep dark cherry red happen to go together swimmingly.
Perhaps it's the pale delicacy of the blue
contrasted with the drama of the bolder deep red,
but it is a combination which I find endlessly fascinating.
This glorious gown is from Antonio Berardi's spring 2012 collection.
The blue chifffon is floaty, dream-like.
The blood-red sequins are striking, audacious.
It's a "look at me" gown.
And in the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, 
it's a theatrical combination of colours
which almost has a sense of haunting beauty.
(Perfectly appropriate for a building 
which was a 1930s cinema, 
but has since been re-fitted 
as an experimental theatre.)
Dramatic, I think, 
is the right adjective for this Art Deco pendant & earing set.
Not for the faint-hearted.
But very glamorous all the same.
Worn with a black velvet strapless gown,
it would be simply stunning.
Pale blue door + deep red washer = laundry with punch!
Bloodstone red on the Dolce & Gabbana men's runway
for winter 2013.
Palest aquamarine in a confection of tuile, by BHLDN.
You can see a theme developing here:
of moody theatrics when these 2 colours are combined.
 And perhaps nowhere is this better illustrated,
than in this townhouse designed by Olatz Interiors.
 So for those people born in March, 
this colour combination of your birthstones is truly a birthday gift.
And for the rest of us,
well, I reckon we are probably allowed to enjoy it too! 

images: 1st & last 3: townhouse in NYC, design by olatz interiors
poem artwork blue fruit
art deco aquamarine pendant etsy
striped paper plates: donna hay
red sequin & pale blue chiffon gown by antonio berardi
aquamarine & red glass art deco pendant etsy
laundry with red applicances: making it lovely
dark red velvet mens jacket: dolce & gabbana
tuille skirt: bhldn
bedroom by diane bergeron


  1. Such a gorgeous colour combination! Love that bathroom and all the beautiful fashion. Have a wonderful week, Sasha xx

  2. I love aquamarine too - such a pretty gem :) That Antonio Berardi dress is gorgeous!

  3. That top photo is EXQUISITE.

  4. Such beautiful dark, rich color. I'm loving jewel tones these days.

  5. Love all the amazing textures & rich colours in this post...glorious.
    ps I love the deep red washer!

    1. Would make washing a lot more fun, I reckon!

  6. What lovely pictures. The colours do look fabulous together don't they? I'm a March birthday and never knew that Aquamarine was a new rather happy about it though! Annie x.

    1. Well that's a Happy Birthday to you then Annie! Whenever in March it is, I hope it will be, or has been, a fabulous birthday! VB x

  7. Beautiful...I'm a March birthday too and definitely approve of my birthstones...thanks for sharing x

    1. Wow - it's a popular month for birthdays! A very Happy Birthday this month to you too Claudia! VB x

  8. But those of us born in March know that as we go in two different direction so we need two perfect stones to show our vivacity and shyness our laughter and our tears, our drama and our naturalness. Oh we are nice people worthy of such stones!!!! Do you think it just might be possible I am also a March born?!!!!

    1. Oh very witty Jules!! Love it! It is fair and just then, that March has two stones. A very Happy Birthday March Girl! VB x

  9. Wonderful colors Virginia - and what an amazing birthstone - never saw that one before:)

  10. Virginia, this post is brilliant. I was wondering what to buy my March birthday husband and no it won't be that beautiful dress by Antonio Berari!!! but you've inspired me to seek something masculine oriented in red and aquamarine. Sylvia

    PS I love that laundry...makes me want to wash and wash kids clothes all day long!

    1. Delighted to be of inspiration Sylvia!

      I keep going back to that glorious velvet jacket image in this post by Dolce & Gabbana and just wondering if my husband, or perhaps my 19 year old son, would dare to wear something so incredibly beautiful. It's perhaps pushing the masculine line - but I think that is what is so amazing about it! I'm hoping there is a trend developing in menswear along these more "dandy" elegant lines. Here's hoping for glamour for the men too!

  11. This is one of my absolute favorite color combinations ever--it makes me think of that wonderful Versace collection that Avedon shot--with Elton John? My memory is in tatters--but the clothes were lovely! And yes, that Dolce jacket. I think that the model looks quite masculine in it actually. And I would wear it in a NY minute!

    1. Oh! Glad he looks masculine because he is a he! I better change the wording to say "men's runway" - oops! Question is, would Remi wear it? (I would, but not sure about John wearing it....I wish though!)

  12. How annoying, I've been missing your posts. I love aquamarine much more than diamond, it is beautiful.


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