Feb 6, 2012

Wrought Iron Lace & Carrara Marble...

With the romance of wrought iron lace on the balcony
and exquisite finials on the facade,
this 1870s terrace has a gentle charm about it.
Alfresco dining terraces are always appealing, 
especially when there is a little rustic brick involved. 
The white French doors lead onto a balcony,
which would be a heavenly spot for breakfast brioche & lattes.
Ornate ceilings & skirtings & patterned air vents
create that little touch of intricate detail which makes these older 
properties so pleasant for the eye to linger.
Painted in the softest shade of palest powder blue,
the front door sits under a stunning arched fanlight of rose red glass.

Simple white shutters open to the garden terrace,
in an ever-so-inviting fashion. 

Would you like to live here?

Property: 123 Gipps St, East Melbourne.


  1. Hello Miss virginia

    I love the look of the wrought iron lace on those balconies.

    I drove through Carrara once and saw all the marble ready to be polished and cut - amazing to see it all in it's rawness.

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. What an elegant interior! I love the use of marble throughout and the plantation shutters. Am realising that I can't have them here so seeing them is beautiful interiors like these make me so much more disappointed!
    x KL

  3. Hmmm, yes but in the old part! But that is just old-fashioned me. The architecture is stunning. However all of that marble...? Well, hopefully it was sourced and mined under ethical conditions--something that no one ever talks about but Remi did a reportage of the marble mines in India that was so sad.

    1. Then you'll have to go out for all meals - as the kitchen won't figure in it! But you have raised a very valid point and something which does need to be talked about more. Bit like the fairtrade chocolate. Until I researched it, we were blissfully unaware of how the cocoa beans are often sourced. Now it takes more hunting to find the fairtrade stuff - but it is becoming more available as more people discuss it. And the thing is, because there is so much demand for it here, it tends to be the very freshest of chocolate - which is a taste bonus too. Now I'm off to research this marble production. V x

  4. Hello Virginia:
    If we could just have the exterior of the house, then we should be content....minus the powder blue door as that is not a shade we care for. It all has rather an unlived in look to us, rather resembling a stage set than a home. And, as for the acres of marble and a kitchen the size of a small country, now that we could easily live without!!

    1. It's a most interesting point about the stage set. Because homes are "dressed" for sale, sadly they do sometimes lose something of the lived in feel, which I personally love too. V x

  5. Hi, Virginia!
    What a beautiful house you posted here!
    Elegant, stylish.
    And the facade is fantastic, it looks like a house here in Joinville that L love.
    Wish you a happy week.

  6. Stunning exterior, a little too much marble for me, but I do love the little courtyard, shutters and that black and white rug is very interesting! x

  7. Love that marble island in the kitchen. How luxurious! Beautiful images.


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