Feb 11, 2012

Something Luxe : Glam Looks from Babushka Ballerina

If there is a demand for luxe looks, 
and I think if you are reading this 
you would probably agree there is,
then it seems that new Brisbane boutique Babushka Ballerina
(how glorious is that name??)
has a definite handle on luxe glamour.
So, in true Glamour Drops pursuit of all that is glamorous,
take a few moments to revel in the luxeness of feminine prettiness
from their dreamy world...

Now, was that good?
Feeling luxe now?

images: Babushka Ballerina, Brisbane

Oh - by the way, this, like all my posts,
 isn't a sponsored post because Glamour Drops isn't about that.
I just find things I like, in the pursuit of inspiration for my design work,
and figure I may as well share the beauty. 


  1. Stunning, but you keep showing me delights I can't have. Weep!

  2. All those layers of beautiful fabric are just stunning!

  3. I FEEL THE LUXE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh dear, wow, that was eye candy for the senses!!! Dearest, thank you for visiting today! ENJOY YOUR LOVER AND FRIEND this Valentines!!! Anita

  4. Pretty special ! Wish I could see it in living person. Happy V Day !!

  5. Guess who has a link on Desire To Inpsire .. woohoooooo !!!!

  6. Oh .. and I should clarify it ain't me ... woohoooooo!!!!

    1. Woohoo - absolutely!!!! I didn't know - so trust you to be onto it straight up! Thank you for letting me know Linda. Hope you are fabulous. V x

  7. This post is full of glamour!


  8. awesome images.
    and yes....
    i am feeling quite 'LUXE'

    thank you very much!! xx


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