Feb 15, 2012

Rammed earth, window walls & endless views...

 On a windswept plain of rugged beauty
sits a quietly confident house of rammed earth,
built to embrace & celebrate the wildness of the stunning landscape.
On approach, the house presents a wall of locally made rammed earth.
But on the other 3 elevations,
window walls allow the eye & imagination to wander
to the far horizon...
and beyond.
Cunana is a property at Merricks,
tucked into the heart of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.
Nearby Merricks General Store is an absolute favourite with locals,
where their poached eggs & freshly harvested field mushrooms 
make a rather splendid Sunday breakfast.
A sheltered courtyard sits in the middle of the house, 
as a suntrap in winter,
and a refreshing space out of the wind in summer.
Then of course, 
you could always play croquet on the lawn, 
which also has its own shelter,
this time of sculptural plantings.
The scullery doesn't miss out on the view, 
with a slot window instead of a splashback over the sink. 
The house sits on a 27 acre property.
The home was designed by SJB Architects & Interiors
and completed only a few years ago.

Would you like to live here?
As a weekender?

Property: 3509 Frankston Flinders Rd, Merricks, Victoria.
Images & agents details.


  1. I could definitely live here - full time or holiday time - either way what a view! It's just a gorgeous part of the peninsula.

  2. thankyou. this home is perect. the location stunning. the style soothing. and there's even a 'wait there's more' with the indoor pool not shown in these pics. oh my (-:

    i love sjb and all their work.
    i got to go to their offices a few times to do some design work and I was like a kid in a candy shop. I'm sure they thought me a freak who wouldn't look them in the eye - it's just that I was sneaking peeks at anything and everything.

    you post the best stuff VB. great blog lovely (-:

  3. Thank you Linda! Have to laugh at your ogling in their offices! I am working on one of their very early houses at the moment - on a house at Caulfield circa late 1960s - and to say the house is amazing is putting it mildly. (Of course, it will be even more amazing when we have finished restoring and extending it.) x

  4. Helloo?!! My oh my oh my. Just beautiful. I am also digging the HDR photography used for this house.

  5. OMG! Who wouldn't be happy living in this house? The architects did a great job.
    It's fabulous!! The landscape took my breath away and you can see it from every single room, isn't it wonderful?
    Always happy to come here, Virginia. Keep feeding my eyes, please. (is that right?)
    Have a nice week.

  6. LOVE the idea of a sun trap - sounds very inviting and much needed during the present big freeze up north - brrr :O)
    Gorgeous place and stunning landscape.

  7. Who wouldn't want to live here? Such an amazing home. I am particularly drawn to the kitchen back splash. What a neat idea!



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