Feb 27, 2012

Paris in White :: an apartment celebrating old & new.

And on this Monday morning,
as deadlines bear down & the working week begins,
just a little something to distract, 
in this beautiful apartment in Paris. 
It's on the market.
Just waiting for somebody
to love it, own it, celebrate it.

The apartment has the charm of those fabulous
French roses from Delbard.
(Yes, I know I am a bit keen on them.
My own garden is full of them! 
But they grow so ridiculously well 
& have the most divine fragrance.
What more can one ask from a rose?)
Rather love this bathroom with the little mosaic tiles, 
in, I think, pale grey and gold.
If somebody lives in Paris,
quick, go to a viewing 
and let me know if this is as lovely in real life! 
 The term "romantic elegance" certainly springs to mind 
in this delightful apartment.
French doors, cast iron lace-clad balcony & all.  

Would you like to live here?

Property: Paris 17th, Parc Monceau
Agents & images : Sothebys
 Roses : Delbard


  1. What a beautiful place indeed! I adore so many of the details—the floor, the walls, just divine... As far as the white, perhaps too much for me, but lovely none the less!

    Hope you have enjoyed a lovely weekend!


    1. Yes, well I think I, and my family, would be able to keep all the furniture so white for precisely 2 minutes. It does look fresh though, and I do admire people who can keep it so clean! But what I love about the white in this apartment is that it lets the high ceilings, parquet floors & plaster details do the talking. Or "singing", would perhaps be a better adjective?

  2. This is a beautiful and huge, for Paris, pristine apartment for two aesthetes. It's an extraordinary one. Can't even imagine in a wildest dream how much this re-modeling could cost. But always wanted to see some real Paris apartment. Never got a chance . Love how you combined with roses images. They bring softness and charm to sterile geometry of the picture perfect dwelling. Too beautiful to be real, n'est-ce pas?

  3. That's very beautiful and striking. Love the mix of modern and traditional, and that neutral colour scheme is lovely with the hits of gold, timber and fur. Love the wall to wall tiles in the bathroom with that amazing gold mirror. Is that black bathroom really part of the apartment?

    1. Yes, the black bathroom is from the same apartment. It does seem a bit more dramatic than the rest, I agree. But there weren't any photos of the kitchen on the real estate site - so perhaps the kitchen has a similar black theme.

  4. I love the all white and the draperies add the perfect contrast for interest...gorgeous!!

  5. you know i love my colour, but i think the white works beautifully for the space and love the contrast with those blond parquet floors. the pops of black and gold add great movement. the architectural features are tdf!

    1. My goodness you have surprised me Stacey! You of the "give me orange" fame! I also adore colour - but I agree that here the simplicity of white works so well. Had the floors not been such a wonderful tone, or if they didn't have the busyness of the chevron pattern, it may well be a very different story.

  6. I love the parquetry floor, I think it adds so much interest and prevents the interior being too 'cold'. The roses are all stunning!

  7. I L.O.V.E white but the splash of black in the bathroom (WHAT A BATH!) made my knees go weak. I could, I would and I wish to live here! And the flooring... perfection! And the textural throws...drool!
    I just love it all!
    x KL

  8. Hello heaven!! That is a swoonterior!! I love everything about it, however my pups dog hair would make a mess of an all white place!

  9. Oh my, if I ever DID have to move back to Paris, I certainly would surround myself with so much white to bring light in during the FIVE MONTHS of gray skies! And then again, if I could afford such a place, well, that would mean things were all good, now wouldn't they?

  10. What a beautiful home, love the herringbone floors!

    Have a good day!



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