Feb 7, 2012

Funky Trunks! Glam swimwear for men who like to swim.

 Often think it's a bit unfair on the handsome half of the species,
because there are so many 
gorgeous swimwear designs available 
for women, 
but for men, well, sometimes the choice is left wanting
in terms of glamorous swimwear.
(And no, those boardies & briefs, 
while practical, are just not glamorous!)

But help is at hand, 
because Funky Trunks have come to the rescue,
with a range which,
apart from being gorgeous, 
doesn't take itself too seriously. 
(Just how I like my glamour to be.)
They produce women's swimwear, too,
under the Funkita name.
The Way Funky Company 
(which makes both these women's & men's labels),
has focussed on designing swimwear for people who actually swim.
So it's not surprising the label is popular with professional swimmers.
The summer's Space Race range is a rather cheeky take on the 1960s,
with pop-art style geometric patterns combined with Funky Trunk's signature bright colours.
Of course, leaping lords are always particularly appealing, 
but even if not leaping about, 
just simply strolling in the sunshine on the beach, 
a handsome pair of trunks is always 
pleasant on the eye.

All images: Funky Trunks & Funkita.


  1. I'm speechless!! G

    1. Oh really? I was the same when I found them too! I was looking for decent swimwear for my sons and husband, you know - stuff that isn't surfie or dorky - when I came across these. Something else, huh? V x

  2. Funnily enough, I just ordered a pair of Funky Trunks for my 5yo son, this morning! They're so great, when the brief option just won't do, but the school won't allow boardies. I also ordered a Funkita swim cap for my little girl, so that she wouldn't miss out! Might just have to get some for Husband too....

    1. How amazing! Great minds think alike. Yes, perfect for school swimwear - you are absolutely right. V x

  3. Very glam indeed! My daughter has the spotty version in a one piece and she is convinced theybmakevher go faster! Oh, and they look pretty darn good too! kG. xx

    1. Well, you know, I am convinced that red cars go faster too, so I'm with your daughter on that one! V x

  4. Beautiful bright geometric patterns.
    Here in Brasil we have a variety of swimwear, but I guess the great labels should think a little bit more when creating for men (hope you understand what I mean).
    Wish you a happy sunny day.

  5. NICE way to start my day Virginia - Thanks :O)

  6. Ah, something a bit different! Boy's seem to be always limited to budgie smugglers in boring black or navy or boardies in wearable art. These are great! The photography though is superb!
    x KL


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