Feb 13, 2012

Fabulous Front Entrances :: Greenery at the Front Door

As Monday is the first day of the week,
I thought it may be fun to introduce a new weekly series
focussing on front entrances,
which also represent a beginning,
or a threshold through which we pass from exterior to interior.
(They also happen to be one 
of my favourite elements 
of the building design process, 
because the front door is such a poignant symbol.)
Starting with the timeless appeal of 
green plantings & white buildings.
Where the emphasis is not so much on the door itself,
but on framing it with a living, changing diorama. 
Romantic, dramatic, classic or modern ~ leafy plants can 
create all of these effects because the focus is on simplicity.
And while I adore colour,
there are some occasions when holding back on it,
and simply letting various tones of just one colour shine though,
(especially when it is a living, changing thing)
can create the most spectacular entrance.
From a little pot of evergreen by the door,
to a pleached avenue of birches,
the greenery exudes a welcoming gesture.

Images: top row: left + right
middle row: left
bottom row: Piet Boon



  1. So timely thank you...we have painters covering the depressing 'taupe' (brown really...) of the exterior of our house and I have been dithering about whether to shade the window frames or go all one colour; verandah house white or gray; paint the decking??? Love the Piet Boon house - I'll pretend my house looks like that! Annie x.

    1. Whatever you decide, it will be stunning and elegant because you have impeccable taste. And you remember how much I adored the front of your old house? I am sure you can make this one just as gorgeous. Virginia x

  2. Hi Virginia,

    Bottle green and white never dates does it.

    especially when Mr Darcy comes riding along on his horse nearby (we can dream can't way).

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  3. I love lots of greenery at my front door...you are so right, it adds drama, it adds definition, it just works xo

  4. Love this post idea! Front doors are so important, and greenery really adds the jewellery to the architectural outfit. Melbourne has gorgeous front doors... I'm always stopping and quietly taking photos for my own files. People probably think I'm a private investigator! Particularly love the image with the silver birches. So dramatic.

  5. Glad that I didn't miss this post, so beautiful!


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