Feb 23, 2012

Elements :: Wrought & Cast Iron Lace

The twirls & swirls of iron lace,
in their filigree patterns throwing charming patterns of shadow,
can instantly change a building from serious to romantic.
Reaching a zenith of popularity in the late 19th century,
iron lace was mostly used on balustrades, column capitals, 
gates & fences
to impart ornamentation & display wealth.
On balustrades,
where the lacy openness creates views through,
the lace iron adds a sense of lightness,
rather belying the actual weight of the material.

Most building lace is cast iron, 
which was an inexpensive way to produce 
the patterns of the time
in large quantities.
Patio furniture, so popular in the middle of the 21st century,
 is more often wrought, or hand-worked, iron.
So tragic that so much iron lace was tossed out in the 1970s,
when it fell from favour because it was considered "old fashioned".
It's wonderful though, that its charm is once again recognised.
For it is an element of great beauty.

white house with wrought iron lace balustrade in armadale
stair balustrade : source unknown


  1. beautiful - love the gown in the first image and that wonderful balcony in second.

  2. I know I am suppose to be noticing the wrought iron, but the dress in the first image is stunning!! The balustrades are gorgeous ~

  3. I'm so glad its back in vogue ... that white terrace is simply stunning!

  4. ... looking at it again, its not a terrace ... its a free standing large villa!

  5. That white gown is fabulous and so are all the balustrades.

  6. Virginia, Where do you find the time for your wonderful blog....I love love love it and feel very inspired by the beautiful posts. Thanks for taking the time. Sylvia

    1. Hello Sylvia and thank you! The hours are stolen from the midnight ones - when all is quiet and the phone doesn't ring. I have pondered long and hard as to why I do it - and the answer is I get so much inspiration from these subjects & discussing them with other bloggers that it actually inspires my own design work. Odd, but true!


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