Feb 29, 2012

Up where the air is free :: an observatory-house in Capri

Can you imagine sleeping here, 
gazing at the stars above,
through the most sculptural of skylights?
Or waking in the morning,
to this scene of golden sunlight,
basking in the utter gorgeousness 
which is the island of Capri?
Because you could,
if you moved to this rather extraordinary property
just outside of Anacapri.
It comes with - wait for it - its own observatory.

Feb 28, 2012

How can something so beautiful be so useful? DIY Eucalyptus cleaner.

William Morris famously said
"Have nothing in your houses 
that you do not know to be useful
or believe to be beautiful"
in a lecture in 1880.
And I rather suspect he wasn't talking about the eucalyptus tree.
But he could have been. 
Because it is both useful & beautiful.

Feb 27, 2012

Paris in White :: an apartment celebrating old & new.

And on this Monday morning,
as deadlines bear down & the working week begins,
just a little something to distract, 
in this beautiful apartment in Paris. 
It's on the market.
Just waiting for somebody
to love it, own it, celebrate it.

Feb 25, 2012

Elegant Entertaining :: An Edwardian-inspired Cocktail Soirée of Sorts ::

If you were intrigued by the story 
of the first cocktail party held in 1917,
perhaps the idea of throwing an 
Edwardian-inspired cocktail tea party soirée 
may rather appeal.
While the Edwardian Era technically ran from 1901-1910,
I'm going with the rather more stylistic definition,
which continued on through the era of the Titanic,
the Suffragettes & the lavishness of entertaining, 
which all came to a rather abrupt halt during the Great War, 
as the world changed forever. 

Feb 24, 2012

Friday Fun :: Can we turn back Time?

If you could turn back the clock,
would you?

I wouldn't! 
Life just gets better & better
with every single day, 
bringing (hopefully) a little more wisdom with it.

(This is the infamous Clock Tower stunt,
from the 1923 film Safety Last,
with the actor Harold Lloyd.)

:: image via ::

Feb 23, 2012

Elements :: Wrought & Cast Iron Lace

The twirls & swirls of iron lace,
in their filigree patterns throwing charming patterns of shadow,
can instantly change a building from serious to romantic.
Reaching a zenith of popularity in the late 19th century,
iron lace was mostly used on balustrades, column capitals, 
gates & fences
to impart ornamentation & display wealth.
On balustrades,
where the lacy openness creates views through,
the lace iron adds a sense of lightness,
rather belying the actual weight of the material.

Feb 22, 2012

Baking :: Rose Petal Cheesecake...

 Having an abundance of fresh roses in the garden
made me wonder what the sweet petals would taste like 
in a cheesecake.
So last night, I experimented.
And this is the result. 
Smooth from cream cheese, slightly tangy from ricotta.
Scented with vanilla & rose,
scattered with fresh rose petals,
it's the most heavenly~luscious cheesecake I have ever made.

Feb 21, 2012

A chic little cottage by the water...

If you have ever dreamed of having
sparkling turquoise water at the bottom of your garden, 
where water nymphs & fairies might frolic in the moonlight,
then this little cottage in Sydney's fabulous Palm Beach 
may just tickle your imagination.

Feb 20, 2012

A Door of Blue...

Pale blues take on an illuminance,
almost a glow,
which makes them particularly welcoming & inviting
for front doors.
A patina effect works especially well in this colour, 
highlighting the contrast between pale blue & a darker substrate.
(The effect above is achieved through copper paint 
with a patina solution applied.)
And adding a little dark, dark blue 
(like the Magnum)
gives the pale blue a dramatic, sophisticated edge.

Feb 18, 2012

Alfresco dining, sounds good. With a chandelier? Sounds fabulous!

 Tucked daintily next to a swimming pool,
this alfresco dining area is redolent with grape vines,
a chandelier & a stone fireplace. 
But my favourite bit?

Feb 17, 2012

Glamorous Cocktails (#1) :: the beginnings...

Have always and forever been known to serve cocktails to guests
as soon as they arrive for our dinner parties.

Friday Fun :: When life gives you lemons...

Nuff said!

artwork: blue fruit.
quote: sometimes attributed to Dale Carnegie, but this is disputed.
(Must have been penned by that busy Anon person then.)

Feb 16, 2012

Cooking :: Potato, Aubergine & Haloumi Moussaka...

Do you like the fabulous squeaky texture of that 
saltily delicious Greek cheese, haloumi?
If so, 
you better read on, 
because you may just LOVE this simple recipe...

Feb 15, 2012

Rammed earth, window walls & endless views...

 On a windswept plain of rugged beauty
sits a quietly confident house of rammed earth,
built to embrace & celebrate the wildness of the stunning landscape.
On approach, the house presents a wall of locally made rammed earth.
But on the other 3 elevations,
window walls allow the eye & imagination to wander
to the far horizon...
and beyond.

Feb 14, 2012

And for the last word on Love...it's Dr Seuss...

Honestly, the man was a genius.
I mean, who else but Dr Seuss could weave such direct wisdom
into a children's book?
And make it funny!
This fabulous quote was perfectly illustrated by Emma James
for the freshly blooming Antiquarian Post.
What? You haven't seen it yet?
Quick! Get over here and check it out. 

Feb 13, 2012

Fabulous Front Entrances :: Greenery at the Front Door

As Monday is the first day of the week,
I thought it may be fun to introduce a new weekly series
focussing on front entrances,
which also represent a beginning,
or a threshold through which we pass from exterior to interior.
(They also happen to be one 
of my favourite elements 
of the building design process, 
because the front door is such a poignant symbol.)
Starting with the timeless appeal of 
green plantings & white buildings.
Where the emphasis is not so much on the door itself,
but on framing it with a living, changing diorama. 
Romantic, dramatic, classic or modern ~ leafy plants can 
create all of these effects because the focus is on simplicity.
And while I adore colour,
there are some occasions when holding back on it,
and simply letting various tones of just one colour shine though,
(especially when it is a living, changing thing)
can create the most spectacular entrance.
From a little pot of evergreen by the door,
to a pleached avenue of birches,
the greenery exudes a welcoming gesture.

Images: top row: left + right
middle row: left
bottom row: Piet Boon


Feb 12, 2012

Stop the Press! A Frank Lloyd Wright home for sale???

For any architecture nut,
architectural history nut,
or simply anybody who likes their houses a little unusual,
owning a Frank Lloyd Wright house would be 
beyond a common everyday wish. 
So I'm thinking a quick talk to immigration may be in order, 
because the Millard House in Pasadena, California,
is up for sale. 
 Experimenting with patterned concrete blocks,
Wright was able to use this new product
(which could have appeared clinical),
 with warmth & character,
more befitting of a craft than a factory process.
To truly get the concept of just how extraordinary this house 
would have been in 1923,
remember that concrete was seen as something used 
for commercial
and particularly for large ones at that.

Feb 11, 2012

Something Luxe : Glam Looks from Babushka Ballerina

If there is a demand for luxe looks, 
and I think if you are reading this 
you would probably agree there is,
then it seems that new Brisbane boutique Babushka Ballerina
(how glorious is that name??)
has a definite handle on luxe glamour.
So, in true Glamour Drops pursuit of all that is glamorous,
take a few moments to revel in the luxeness of feminine prettiness
from their dreamy world...

Feb 8, 2012

Progress on the House on the Hill project...

 In the midst of so many exciting projects at the moment, 
but thought you may like to see how
the House on the Hill build is progressing. 

BHG Live ticket giveaway...

If you are going to be in Melbourne this month,
and would like to go to BHG Live,
I have 10 double passes to give away.

This is the inaugural event,
to be held in the fabulous Royal Exhibition Building
in the Carlton Gardens,
a voluptuous Victorian treasure.

It will be a cornucopia of ideas - with all the tv presenters
on hand for live demonstrations of cooking, gardening & DIY.

Each double ticket is worth $40,
so it's a chance to take a friend for free.

Just email me at
to grab your free tickets.

First in, first served!

Feb 7, 2012

Funky Trunks! Glam swimwear for men who like to swim.

 Often think it's a bit unfair on the handsome half of the species,
because there are so many 
gorgeous swimwear designs available 
for women, 
but for men, well, sometimes the choice is left wanting
in terms of glamorous swimwear.
(And no, those boardies & briefs, 
while practical, are just not glamorous!)

Feb 6, 2012

Wrought Iron Lace & Carrara Marble...

With the romance of wrought iron lace on the balcony
and exquisite finials on the facade,
this 1870s terrace has a gentle charm about it.
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