Jan 28, 2012

Weekend Thoughts: Days of Wine & Roses...

Sunlight-filled afternoons lazing in the pool, 
chilled Champagne in hand,
dreams of beautiful places yet to explore
and adventures yet to be had...

...evenings spent with the one you love,
with scented red roses in teacups,
gently twinkling candlelight in crystal dishes...

 These are the wonderful days of wine & roses.
The simplest things in life.
And yet so lovely.

Wishing you the most glamorous of weekends,
and days of wine & roses. 

Images: flowers/table setting: blue fruit.


  1. Lauren carney28/1/12 8:31 PM

    hey meowsypants,
    your blog is kind of loverly jubberly. 
    I enjoy your photos uh-lot! 

    ex oh ex oh 

  2. Ummmm.... eyes glazed over with the first photo - didn't hear another thing you wrote or said in your post!
    You had me at hello!
    (oh maybe I did see a really nice navy and white dress in there that I would like), but whoa mumma!

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  3. Oh, this is so poetic, love to come here and read your posts, always glamourous.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend, too.

  4. renee finberg29/1/12 4:59 AM

    the image of the guy on the float in the pool is killer!


  5. Janelle Mcculloch29/1/12 10:43 AM

    OMG... That second photo...  I can't speak! 

    But why is he wearing a robe? 

    On second thoughts, he should just take EVERYTHING off!

    Janelle McCulloch

  6. mmm...kind of dreamy specimens of men aren't they?...you can imagine how much fun I had putting this post together! I could hardly speak either! V x

  7. Why thank you Lauren. Delighted! 

  8. How beautiful a thought - thank you Tereza. For exactly the same reason, I love visiting yours. That, and for the fact that you keep introducing me to new architects in your part of the world, which I find endlessly fascinating. V x

  9. What else can be said, Renee? Floats our boat - haha! V x

  10. I like that idea. Although, as is so often the case, it is the sense of anticipation which is so appealing...V x

  11. Robinsonheather29/1/12 7:00 PM

    Le Sigh. (not capable of more than that for the moment but I am sure that I will come to eventually)

  12. Robinsonheather29/1/12 9:32 PM

    Oh and ps. Remi and I are heading up to the Sisteron area in the Northern Luberon for a couple of days so if all is quiet on my front that is why. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! 

    And my it was difficult to have to come back here and see this post one MORE time to tell you that! ;) 

  13. Oh how wonderful! I hope you both have the most fabulous of times whilst there. And will look forward to full details when you return. Apologies for putting you into a delirious state over the images!! V x

    1. I am back and we had a great time even though it was way too short! I took five hundred million photos so will have to get sorted. Hope you are well friend!


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