Jan 23, 2012

Rustic Timber Trusses by the Sea...

Imagine waking up in this romantic bedroom,
to the sound of magpies caroling 
outside your window,
a fresh sea breeze saltily wafting through the French doors,
& the scent of gum leaves, warmed by the morning sun,
 luring you outside to explore the new day.
Breakfast of fresh buttery croissants & strong coffee
awaits on the terrace,
from where you can plan the day's activities.
Shall you go to the beach?
Or maybe go bushwalking in the rain forest behind the property
to see the waterfalls and lyrebirds?

Or perhaps just spend the day pottering in the fern-filled garden?
That sounds lovely too.
This is a rather beautiful property at Lorne,
one of Melbourne's favourite coastal holiday spots,
about an hour and a half from the city,
which is currently for sale.
And it is the use of 19th century reclaimed 
hardwood eucalyptus timbers 
which makes it so interesting. 
They have been used for door frames & lintels,
trusses & window frames.
Together with that sea view,
it is a pretty heady combination.
The timbers have been left in their natural state, 
with textured markings showing their age & former use.
The grand scale of the timbers allows them the respect they deserve.
And it creates a fabulous new use for something so beautiful.

Would you love to live here?

Agents: RT Edgar
Property location: 57 George St, Lorne, Victoria


  1. Sussex-house23/1/12 11:19 AM

    I absolutely love this house. Would love to know how much they are asking! Well, I need to know how much my dreams would cost......

  2. Miss Virginia

    this is absolutely gorgeous - I am waiting on the terrace to share the tea and croissants with you.
    No stress - take your time - I am happy to wait here a long time........

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


  3. It didn't have a price listed, but  I found it in the $AUS5 - $10 million range. An expensive, but beautiful, dream perhaps? V x

  4. Hi Loulou! Yeah I reckon! Absolutely NO hurry at all...I think time may actually stand still here. Hope you are having a beautiful summer so far. V x

  5. Eternalicons23/1/12 12:08 PM

    I could reside here in a heartbeat Virginia. And would have a revolving door or staying friends to share it with.
    So restful, I think the whole air of the place looks sedative!
    x KL

  6. Well I would happily join your revolving cohort of friends to share it! I somehow think the place would never be empty, it is so lovely. V x

  7. Thank you for whisking me away to this breathtaking place! In awe here! xx

  8. Hello Stacey! Glad you loved it - it is a very beautiful part of Australia, and this house takes advantage of the wonderfully bright light. V x 

  9. Georgica Pond23/1/12 1:09 PM

    How amazing that stunning house and location is in Australia -looks so European, Spanish even. Just wish I knew how they go away with that balcony fencing when I couldn't do that kind of thing a mere 1 metre off the ground! Envious. 

  10. What a gorgeous setting, view, and home!

    Love those doors!


    Art by Karena

  11. Helen@thestyleschedule23/1/12 2:11 PM

    hmmm I think I could wake up to that view every morning...and that entrance is pretty gorgeous too!

  12. Hi Mel - ah yes your favourite kind of balustrade, isn't it? It would have been installed before the Building Code was changed to make it safer. V x

  13. They are SO inviting, the doors, aren't they Karen? And I love the fact that as soon as you enter the doorway you can see straight back out again. That's an old trick, but a goody - and one that I love to incorporate in my own floor plans when possible. V x 

  14. I reckon waking up to that view would have to make the world seem a better place each morning! Vx

  15. That view is to die for! The house is not bad either.

  16. Heather in Arles23/1/12 8:32 PM

    I can hear the birds singing and smell the coffee. I would push the bed closer to the window and never leave! :)


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