Jan 24, 2012

One Room: Two Looks...Cobalt Blue Dining Room

Look carefully.
This is the same room - the dining room of stylist Heather Nette King.
You can see what an incredible difference colour makes
to the way the room is perceived.
In the top image, styled recently for a feature,
the walls are crisp white, 
the artwork has a white background
& the little cupboard is snowy white.
Which all draws the eye to the contrast of the
 cobalt blue dining table & chairs:
they become the centre of the eye's direction.
But in the bottom image,
the rich cobalt walls scream for attention.
"Look at me" they say.
The dining setting is noticeable, 
but as a secondary feature.

It's the perfect example of how you can use 
colour to draw attention to the areas you want to feature.
Both versions are beautiful - just different.

Top image: The Design Files
Bottom image: Heather Nette King


  1. Linda from OEKE24/1/12 7:45 AM

    Although I would usually choose the white, the blue looks kinda cozy in this doesn't it.
    Of course Heather did a fantastic job in the styling - so maybe that is why my usual preference has changed.

    I never noticed before, but they must have photoshopped out the airconditioner (top left) .. function never matches anything does it.

    Hope your morning on that side of the bay is as nice as it is over here (-:

  2. Cozy and dramatic in the blue - I love it. Typical you to notice EVERY little detail - nothing escapes your clever eye! Yes, I suspect you are right - they either photoshopped it out or called on the trusty electrician to remove it haha! Because it is shown in the undercoat photo during the room preparation, which you can see here. http://heathernetteking.blogspot.com/2011/10/paint-job.html
    What's with this gorgeous weather? Obviously on both sides of the bay. It is DREAMY! V x

  3. Marsha @ Splenderosa24/1/12 8:23 AM

    I  adore jewel-box tones in a home.  Not afraid of them at all.  After all paint isn't fatal or permanent.  Those are my only 2 rules in decor.

  4. Hi Virginia,

    Can't say I'm in love with the heaviness the 2nd room gives me - love the first one though.

    Even in the first one I would love a white table with the blue chairs.

    hope you are well lovely - it is raining so much up here this week instead of filling the pool with the hose we are now draining water out of it.
    Go figure.

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  5. Hey Marsha - I love your rules! No holds barred. V x

  6. Really? You know it is fascinating how the different climates effect people's choices of colour. I imagine that this probably looks too hot in Queensland? Whereas down here, in the much colder south, we seem to prefer stronger, darker colours. And of course we are obsessed with black! Having lived all over the country, that endlessly intrigues me...
    Hope you are staying happy despite the rain - that's Australia for you...love a sunburnt country...of drought and flooding rains...Vx

  7. So interesting to see both views. I loved the first one ... until I saw the second. LOVE the blue!
    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog yesterday. So glad to be introduced to yours. 

  8. Heather in Arles24/1/12 8:11 PM

    Hello there! And before I forget to say it, thank you so much for your really kind words chez moi, they are always, always so appreciated. I'll be sure to ask about the tiles the next time that I see that couple. 

    As for the blue, I had to go back and look at it again. At first, my thought was "oh no, too much" but maybe not...I love what you had to say about the differences in using color in other regions. Here in Provence, we tend to stick to neutrals so as not to compete with the blue sky above! 

  9. Wow! It looks so different! I think the map would've stood out if it wasn't removed. Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  10. SOO true - I am more drawn to the first image - but must admit the second speak volumes - WOW.
    Hope your week is great dear Virginia,

  11. I love the cobalt blue room and find the white-walled one indecisive. The color gives a rather ordinary room some character and style. Lowering that pendant fitting would help the room a lot - and clearing off the chimney piece, perhaps, and adding one item with scale. 


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