Jan 19, 2012

On the Market:: a little slice of heaven

Wistaria-twirled terraces of sun-dappled stone...
...rustic pergolas of salt-patterned timber...
...would you like to linger here for the afternoon,
with a glass of Pinot Grigio, a nibble of local cheese
and a good book? 
 Flinders is a little seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula,
much loved by Melbournians as a nearby coastal farming area,
where the rich soils & high rainfall are perfect for vineyards,
cattle & horse studs,
and the vistas are, well, dreamy...
So in an area which grows Mediterranean plants oh so easily,
this garden is positively flourishing.
 Being high on the hills above the Bass Coast, 
the winds down here can be tenacious
(which I adore, actually)
but creating a central courtyard provides a sheltered retreat.
The house is set amongst 31 acres of rolling green hills,
perfect for cattle grazing.
And from every window...that view...always that amazing view...
A rather idyllic setting for a small farm,
don't you think?
A heavenly rural spot, yet one and a half hours from Melbourne.
 Would you like to live here?

Property: 121 Punchbowl Road, Flinders, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria


  1. Hard to believe it's in Aus.  I'm sure there would be allot of wine and cheese consumed on that patio.
    Sar x

  2. Yep, I reckon if I lived there that is EXACTLY what I would be doing! And truly, there is so much wonderful produce from the local area, one wouldn't ever need to consume anything that had been grown outside a 50 km radius. If one could be so disciplined, of course! 

  3. Something Gorgeous19/1/12 1:08 PM

    The place looks so peaceful and that view.....what can I say?

  4. What a gorgeous setting for this home...love the views!!

  5. robinsonheather19/1/12 7:40 PM

    So much land. Good for cattle grazing...and horse riding! I would put a kitchen garden in the side lawn and gleeeeefullly rip up all of that odd gray carpeting (whose idea was that?!), paint the walls a light tan and be one happy camper! I think that I would take out some of the trees in the inner courtyard too, they are overwhelming the space, maybe put an antique bassin or fountain in there. :) 

  6. This looks like a sensational place to live... and plus it is in OZ so you can't go wrong! xv

  7. I always believed in Heaven, thank you for proving I was right with these wonderful photos.
    The good part is, you don't have to die to go to heaven, you just need money to buy it, isn't it fabulous?
    Now I'm going to bed and, if I'm lucky, will dream with Paradise on Earth, all thanks to you, Virginia.
    Warm hugs from a hot Brasil

  8. Georgica POnd20/1/12 4:05 PM

    Wow looks like it could be in the hills of a quaint village in France or Tuscany. Lovely. 

  9. Whoa - you have an imagination plus Heather! I think you have gone and bought the paint already! Love your ideas though. 

    Actually, I can see you and Ben walking over the rolling hills and working in the kitchen garden, picking a sprig of rosemary or two and reveling in the glorious wildness all around. It is a favourite spot of ours and we often go there for breakfast at one of the many cafes in the nearby village. 

  10. Somebody said to me once, "everybody who is anybody wants to have a home on the Mornington Peninsula". I understand that now - it is impossibly lovely. 

  11. Ah yes well there is that small little detail of money. But it's free to dream, right? We are having the oddest summer here - lurching from freezing to boiling every 3 days. So a bit of consistent warmth from Brazil sounds pretty awesome! 


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