Jan 11, 2012

A Masculine Apartment? I might need one of those...

 "In our next house..." said my husband last night,
pausing for poignancy,
and possibly for loss of words,
as he looked around our bedroom 
at the many hats, handbags & vases of roses,
"there will be a Boy's Room. At least one."

 Perhaps he may prefer if we lived in an apartment like this one,
which is probably about as masculine as one could imagine.
Yep...this looks rather manly.
(But not in a James Bond way. Which would be a good way. I think.)
Brown? Check.
No curtains? Check.
Office chair? Check.
Romance? Forget it!
 Of course, the raw concrete ceiling 
would have to be described as 
a masculine element - I absolutely adore it.
All that fabulous texture.
And the large windows & screen are terrific.
They obviously couldn't resist one vase of flowers.
Just a little bit of softness.

Would you like to live here?

Property: 6/20 Airlie Bank Lane, South Yarra, Melbourne


  1. penny viney11/1/12 7:40 AM

    It is very chic and I love the concrete, pale floorboards and scale.......but I I would have to have another place to keep all my bits and pieces, so I didn't spoil the look by cluttering!

  2. Malena Skaale11/1/12 7:49 AM

    It looks very scandinavian. I is to tight for my taste and the concrete ceiling will probably make the sound of the room hard..But Hey! It look great! :)

  3. The kitchen and living room are quite stylish though would be cold to live in. I bet voices would echo there. More like a beautiful and spacious waiting room in a law firm. 
    But even a glass wall won't help this gloomy bedroom with greenish broadloom and  brown wall. Too masculine, not homy. 
    No doubt your current bedroom is much more cosy and inviting.
    Actually it's a great idea to have a boys room at least one. My husband has the same dream now and then and we have two boys. There tons of advices on  Top 10 Man Cave Colors if that might help. As the saying goes man must have his cave.

    Love your blog. Thank you.

  4. Yes, perhaps the apartment downstairs could be the "junk repository". I think I may prefer to move into that space instead! V

  5. Concrete ceilings are a bit tricky to manage for acoustics - so true - although with the right floor coverings, furniture, and so on it can be managed. I cannot imagine living there - too tight for my taste too! V 

  6. Hello there and welcome to Glamour Drops! My sentiments exactly. Actually I cannot imagine anybody living here like this - or if they did, I suspect they would go out a lot. It's a curious notion - this man cave thing - I have designed a lot of them for my clients and they are lots of fun to do. But I always design mine with a sense of humour - which is how they seem to work best. And who said that a man cave has to be devoid of glamour? I won't mention your top 10 Man Cave  Colours to my husband or it may put ideas in his head! Haha! V

  7. um, no.  Too sterile and cold for me! 

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  8. Me too! And I reckon it would be for the majority of males, too. At least I hope so... V 

  9. robinsonheather11/1/12 7:44 PM

    Not quite sure why you would check yourself into prison without having committed a crime...that is totally what this place would be for me! 

    That said, thank goodness Remi has his office, it is the one place where I don't "interfere" with the deco...heeheehee...

  10. Love that description Heather - because it would be a prison for me too! Will be fascinating to see how they go selling this place, as I would have thought it would appeal to very few people. There is masculine good and masculine bad. This is the latter, and just looks contrived to me. But then, horses for courses...V

  11. Can't imagine you living in an apartment like this, you're so creative, it's really impossible.
    Wish you a great year.

  12. robinsonheather12/1/12 8:26 PM

    I know! Put some old maps in there and some tribal masks at least, geez. Remove those poor flowers. Add some records casually strewn around and big vintage Italian movie posters. Martini shakers, that sort of thing. Not sure even that could redeem this odd space. Actually, I just looked at the photos again, nope I don't think it would help! 


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