Jan 14, 2012

Laid-back Elegance: a Delectable Duet

 Perhaps "laid back" and "elegance"
don't at first appear to be a natural duet.
But have a look at this beautiful collection 
from the young Sydney label
and you may be tempted to think again.

Using a restricted colour palette of grey, ivory, beige & blue,
the pieces are intended to be classical,
neither in nor out of seasonal trends. 
Natural fibres, of cotton, silk, merino wool & cashmere,
give the clothes an easy grace & drape.
Which is where the "laid-back elegance" comes in.
An understated luxury garment.
Simplicity of cut puts the emphasis back on the quality of the fabric.
 And makes these clothes so very timeless.
Even though they have a contemporary ambience.
This dress has it all - the organic feel of natural fibres,
+ the elegance of clever draping & simple detailing. 
 The brand designs for children too,
using the same philosophy.

 So is
 laid-back elegance 
a Delectable Duet?
In the case of AmberJules,
oh yes, I think so! 

To see more of the AmberJules story, go here.


  1. Something Gorgeous14/1/12 7:18 PM

    How divine! These fabrics look so comfortable and fall so deliciously over all the curves. I bet they breathe beautifully as well.

  2. robinsonheather14/1/12 7:58 PM

    Yes, please! I will take the entire collection. This is RIGHT up my alley. It reminds me of some of the Helmut Lang that I bought in the 90s and still wear because it is just so spot on. And I think true elegance is always laid back. Even if you are wearing Verdura cuffs--it should look as if it is no big deal. 

    Um, it does go without saying that I would need to wear something on the bottom as well. Sigh, to have such legs! 

  3. Oh I love everything here, I'm off to have a peak, this is my favourite style of dressing.

  4. It all looks so elegant and comfortable at the same time! Laid-back elegance is a definite yes!!! xoxo

  5. Gorgeous comfortable stuff - love the pictures - and yes laid back is the new black!!


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