Jan 9, 2012

Is Forbidden Fruit, err Flower, sweeter???

Just pondering.
Yesterday, as I dropped my daughter off to work, 
 I noticed an extraordinary flowering gum in the carpark.
Absolutely overloaded with impossibly perfect pale pink blossom.

And the most divine little gum nuts.
The boughs were so heavy,
laden with this manna from heaven,
that the branches were oh so temptingly close to the ground.
Where I could reach.
So I couldn't resist,
justifying to myself that the tree was growing so low to the ground
that it might be a traffic hazard,
which it was,
I gathered a few cuttings of pale pink & green magnificence.
And never was there a sweeter vase 
of beauty in this hallway than my forbidden flowers. 
So, my question is,
are they sweeter because I feel guilty?
Do you ever snap a few twigs from overhanging plants
on a walk through your neighbourhood?

images: blue fruit


  1. Malena Skaale9/1/12 9:14 AM

    WOW  Baby! ! They are just wicked lovely with loads of personality. Must be the Lady Gagas of the flowery world. I can just imagine your thrill everytime you walk into the room and spot them!

  2. Malena Skaale9/1/12 9:15 AM

    BTW.... I need you oppinion on something... could you check out my post and let me know if you know anything about the chandlier I stumbeled upon on the norwegian version of ebay. 

  3. Hi Malena...how fun...will pop over to check it out. V xx

  4. Malena Skaale9/1/12 9:47 AM

    Thanks a lot for the tip! I'm on it already! <3

  5. I think these are gorgeous and have no compunction taking flowers from council gardens. I do however stop at neighbours. Although I've had people ask if they can cut flowers/foliage from my own yard, and since they ask first I have no problem with it!

  6. Ah well I rather like that philosophy Anna, especially as it now means that I wasn't so naughty as they were on the street. More of a lane actually. And boy, you must have polite walkers in your street - to ask first! That is fabulous! V xx

  7. Carla Aston9/1/12 12:11 PM

    Ooooo, they are soooo sweet!  I love flowering branches.  When I lived in Norway, I lived on an island and did a four mile walk around it a couple of times a week.   There were houses and little farms and some newer developments.  Every once in awhile in the fall when the leaves were changing, I'd take my clippers with me and nail the most gorgeous colors of leafy branches to bring home. They were from the public areas, but I felt so baaaad.

  8. penny viney9/1/12 12:18 PM

    I admit it.......I am a serial offender!! I don't mean rape and pillage, but just respectfully pick a few flowers from a roadside, or a cutting from over a fence !!  

  9. Carla, do you mean you could circuit the WHOLE island in 4 miles??? Heavens, that is cute. But it would mean, I suspect, that it would be hard to sneak those leafy branches home without somebody spotting you? V xx

  10. And therein lies the important adjective Penny. "Respectfully."  That changes the whole context. (Feeling less guilty by the minute, thank you!) V xx

  11. Floral fireworks!

  12. They are beautiful and available from Mother Nature what's to feel guilty about??

  13. They are way to gorgeous to feel guilty about...enjoy!!

  14. robinsonheather9/1/12 8:55 PM

    Ooh, so amazing and freeee! Heehee. If I tried to cut something from a French garden, they would come after me! In the town of Borne-les-Mimosas (remember those pretty mimosas I had?), it is actually ILLEGAL to cut any of the mimosa branches--even in public spaces! 

  15. Oh my goodness! In Australia, if a branch is hanging over a fence, one can legally cut it. Although technically, it is then supposed to be given back to the owner. But of course nobody does, and nobody expects them to. Yes, I do remember the pretty Mimosas - golden balls of beauty! V xx

  16. I love natural Australian flowers!! So stunning!

  17. he he - I love them-and these are innocently forbidden and absolutely delightful. WISH we had flowers like these here in exotic Denmark - but no - think the sweetest flower from here is the rose - and NO you cannot pick blooms from everywhere exept your own garden here :)
    Gorgeous dear Virginia xx

  18. Jennings & Gates10/1/12 6:24 AM

    This post made me laugh!  Jennings used to collect winter berry branches from outside an abandoned warehouse.  I used to tease him that he should have white coveralls and an ACME MOVERS van, like in the cartoons.    


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