Jan 10, 2012

In pursuit of Glamour: the vintage swimsuit...

In the pursuit of glamour,
a beautifully cut swimsuit is definitely high on the must-have list.
And there is plenty of inspiration in vintage swimwear,
which has obviously influenced this year's rather retro range.
Ruffles, halter necks, boylegs & frills fill the beaches
in a glamourous celebration of style.
But what if you are after something a little more authentically vintage?
Something you can actually get wet?

Why, just turn to the glam-queens at My Sister Pat,
a Ballarat based swimsuit maker with more than a touch of nostalgia.
These are swimsuits made the old fashioned way.
To flatter & celebrate the curvaceous female form.
Their swimsuits - in stylish cuts of both one piece & two - 
are made from pure cotton.
No lycra allowed.
Stitched in ruffles, shirring, gathers & pleats,
they are a delight to the eye.
An ode to glamour from the "age of beauty" as they call it.
Florals, spots, gingham & bauble trim.
No such thing as "too pretty" here.
This is a style which flatters a voluptuous body,
as well as a slim one.
Hey, they look like REAL women! 
 But cherubs have not escaped the nostalgia brush either. 
In little romper suits of soft cotton
they are adorable.
 Ok, so we probably won't look quite as glamourous as Anne St Marie,
(I speak for myself here - 
who else could rock a beach cap like she does??)
but at least with the availability of gorgeous swimwear like these ones,
we can imbue just a little bit of glamour to the beach & the pool.
And that sounds pretty good to me!  

Colour images & swimsuits from: My Sister Pat
lady painter & her butler: Tom Palumbo; model in water by Tom Palumbo;
mother & daughter at the beach; Anne St Marie for Harpers by Tom Palumbo


  1. I love vintage style swimsuits, so much more prettier and flattering than the tiny bits of string and floss women wear these days!

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  2. robinsonheather10/1/12 8:18 PM

    Yes, of course, I love this style! 

  3. Those 'olden day' swim suits were so much more flattering... I am not a fan of today's styles. Give me a skirt-ette any day!


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