Jan 12, 2012

A Coastal Garden: by Fiona Brockhoff...it comes with a house too!

Swept by the wild winds of the Mornington Peninsula,
this grey foliaged garden,
by local landscape designer Fiona Brockhoff,
is a picture of rugged beauty.

The house is all but hidden behind the garden.

Fencing posts repeat the same driftwood texture & tones
of the wind-curled branches of the trees.
One of Brockhoff's mantras is to use local plantings wherever possible.
When you have this glorious Moondah, 
or coastal ti-tree,
growing in the dunes all around,
there is plenty of inspiration.
The house has been built to face a golf course.
Luxury, huh?
It seems the landscape influenced the interior too,
with the same colours & organic textures repeated inside.
But a red door marks itself as a sentinel to the front entrance.
"Here I am," it says.
(The house was designed by Space Design Group.)
And always that incredible view...
of sweeping hills & wind-swept drama.
The perfect place to unwind,
which, after all,
is the whole point of a beach house.

Would you like to holiday/live here?

Property: 4 Meredith Place, Portsea


  1. Hello Virginia, so fresh and lush - makes me dream of spring and summer - yay. 
    Have a great week sweets,

  2. I love the ti-tree, but would want more of a beach shack. Too much house to look after for mine!

  3. robinsonheather13/1/12 8:38 PM

    Those trees are gorgeous! I love them! But I agree with Penny. Beach shack, please. :)


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