Jan 16, 2012

A heart of red roses...

Freshly picked from the garden are the most 
impossibly red roses, 
and as I arranged them in my beloved Alvar Aalto vase,
the thought struck me that they resemble a heart.
A little early for Valentine's,
but beautiful in any season! 
The Savoy vase was designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in 1936,
for a competition at the Paris World Fair.
He obviously figured his name would be a hindrance,
so the little vase was entered anonymously.
And it won.

No surprise then, that this hand-blown vase 
has never come out of production,
and is featured in many design museums.
Mine was a gift about 10 years ago,
and it has dutifully trotted along
on my many moves.
The roses, alas, have more of a mystery to them than the vase. 
I bought the plant from a rose nursery in a "mystery dip" lot 
because the tags had come off. 
So I have no idea what variety they are.
But they provide endless blooms of muskily scented vermilion indulgence, 
and are truly worthy of the iconic vase.

images: blue fruit


  1. robinsonheather16/1/12 8:42 PM

    Such stunning beauty for my gray Monday morning. Thank you as always for sharing the best of your world Virginia! 


  2. Eternalicons16/1/12 11:00 PM

    The roses are just divine! I have a small, white Alvar Aalto vase which I cherish and is always in use somewhere.
    x KL

  3. It is winter here  and so your roses are like a miracle to see. So gorgeous!
    The Vase is truly unique, something I know you cherish!

    Art by Karena


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