Jan 25, 2012

Gorgeous jewelry, vintage dolls, Mad Men furniture? Together? Oh yeah!

If you have a soft spot for Mid Century Modern design classics
and anything glamorous from that era,
watch Mad Men & adore beautiful jewelry,
you better read on...
Maryann Roy makes 
miniature furniture from that most decadent of times,
with the most exquisite detail imaginable.
She started out by restoring vintage dolls in 1996,
then decided they needed a suitable backdrop.
Frustrated that she couldn't find pieces with the right feel,
she began designing & making the miniature furniture herself.
Not surprisingly,
they are perfect for the retail industry,
and the Connecticut based designer is now kept busy 
making them for unique window displays.

The Gems & Jewels store 
has just installed her stunning miniature furniture & vintage dolls,
to showcase their Mad Men inspired jewelry collection,
like these exquisite rose gold shoes.
 The jewelry store is on the other side of the world
(in Ballarat, near Melbourne)
so the little pieces have had a big journey.
But don't they look fabulous?
One of Gems & Jewels' designers was inspired to create this 
diamond & gold bra as part of the display.
Maryann's furniture creates the perfect Mad Men atmosphere.
 At the launch of the collection,
Gems & Jewels went all out in the glamour stakes, 
modeling the jewelry pieces with style & grace.
 Can I have this in full size please, Maryann?
The silk texture, the elegant colours of pale blue & olive green,
the simple shape of the sofa...too sublime.

 To celebrate the success of Maryann's shop window display 
and the Mad Men inspired jewelery collection,
Gems & Jewels is giving away one of their beautiful doll shaped charms
(like these tiny shoes)
to a creative soul.
All you have to do, 
is showcase your own dolls in a diorama setting,
together with life-sized jewelry.
Full details are on Maryann's blog here.
The competition is open until Valentines Day (Feb 14).
Now if doll's houses had been like this back in the day,
I would have wanted one just like it...
Hey, who said this is for kids?
It's just brilliant stuff! 

All doll, miniature furniture & diorama images with permission from Maryann Roy:
Welcome Home by Maryann Roy, Connecticut, US. Images without jewelry were taken
as test shots (before the furniture was shipped) by Maryann herself. Multi-talented!
Dolls with furniture photography: Phoebe Morley 
All jewelry & Mad Men launch images: Gems & Jewels, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Shoe charm photography: Greg Sarslake. 

If you want to see the shop windows, Gems & Jewels is located at Shop 1, Sturt St, Ballarat.

You can purchase the furniture direct from Maryann via her blog.
Or contact her by email.


  1. I might have liked dolls had they made cool furniture like that when I was a little girl!
    I love the frock on the REAL model!!

  2. What a fantastic post!  What I love to see is that one can make a living doing well, just about anything one really loves.  Barbie is probably fun to work with.  All of my Barbies had one leg because the other one snapped off when I kept trying to make them ride my Breyer horses.

  3. Me too Penny. I could never understand why other girls wanted to play with dolls. But I did build scale model houses, and if these dolls and furniture were around it would have been mighty fun to have them. And now, I love the satire of these little figurines - more as dioramas than play figures. V x

  4. Yes, if one follows a passion it does so often seem to just fall into place. Trouble is having the bravery to follow that passion in the first place! Hilarious mind-picture of your poor limping Barbies....No side saddle for them! Vx

  5. Linda from OEKE25/1/12 4:26 PM

    Brilliant indeed. And such patience she must have - with such amazing details.
    I never had a dolls house myself - but my friend Marie (or Pea as she was always called) had THE best one .. her mother made the furniture herself and when, as a primary school girl, I used to go over - I would sit and admire it.
    Pea's 'actual' house was haunted - but I'm sure her dolls house wasn't (but I guess I am getting distracted here huh!!!).

    Great post as usual - where DO you find this stuff?

  6. Love the notion of a haunted doll's house! Of course, only if it were a very glamorous and friendly ghost - traipsing about in a white floor-length tea gown endlessly clutching a crystal coupe of Champagne and calling out "whooo is coming to tea, darling?". Now I am getting distracted too. That is what happens to my brain when I have been up half the night working on timber junction details for the house on the hill project.

    Actually, Maryann found me - she sent me an email last year saying hi and we have been communicating ever since. That's what I love about this blogging business - for me it is all grist in the mill for design inspiration for my own work - and there are so many fabulous creative people out there that I want to tell the world about them! Isn't the weather dreamy today??? V x

  7. sfiziesfarzimoda.blogspot.com25/1/12 10:13 PM

    Fantastiche le barbie vintage!

  8. WOW!!!! that's pretty much it Virginia - and LOVE it :)

  9. Jane and Lance Hattatt26/1/12 4:09 AM

    Hello Virginia:
    We love the dolls house furniture, now all that is needed is a suitably elegant house in which to show them off. In general it is quite difficult to come by a unique looking dolls house, whereas the furniture and other effects are widely available. Our own dolls house dates from 1910 and we have a wonderful Dolls House Emporium in a village just outside Brighton which has the most amazing  scaled down contents, including a working television!! 

  10. GorgeousGlam26/1/12 4:59 AM

    wow this is fabulous! I would have loved this as a child too! xx

  11. You have a dolls house from 1910? Oh, do take some photos for me please! I would love to see it. Intrigued by the idea of a working miniature television - I will have to track down this shop methinks. Have always enjoyed using architectural models of my own buildings to explain to a client how their building will look - but we have always had to have them made up by our specialist model teams. It's a painstaking task! I use 3D graphics a lot instead now - but there is something more tangible about a miniature model that I found was easier for people to understand. V x

  12. Ok that is just too cool.  I would have LOVED this as a young girl,  I was so tempted to buy the Mad Men dolls that came out awhile ago, just because. 

    We have curtains in our living room just like those blue curtains!!   Great post Virginia.

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  13. Georgica Pond27/1/12 5:13 PM

    How heavenly and amazingly clever. The details are just divine and I would happily take all those outfits thanks very much. So love Mad Men, although I've only recently started watching it, but did like looking through the Mad Men inspired range of clothes that Banana Republic launched last year while I was in US. 

  14. YOU ARE LIVING MY DREAM (I am missing the talent) ! Spectacular!!!!!


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