Jan 18, 2012

Eye-catching : new swimwear collection from We are Handsome

If you prefer your swimsuits to be of the unassuming variety, 
look away now. 
The new 2012 Romantic Collection by young Australian label
We Are Handsome is colourful & bold. 
With their signature printed images creating alluring patterns
and cuts reminiscent of the 1970s,
they are the kind of swimsuit which just scream poolside glamour.

Inspired to create swimwear as "works of art",
We Are Handsome is a label which wears its heart on its sleeve,
designing pieces which are glamorous & beautiful 
with a sense of fun.
Each suit is hand made in Australia. 
They are attracting attention on the beach and at the pool.
And isn't that exactly what a glamorous swimsuit should be doing?



  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt18/1/12 8:56 PM

    Gosh, Virginia, how to be noticed on the beach or at the pool! Well, they can always be framed if one dare not wear them!!

  2. How lovely! The dog print is so adorable! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  3. haha! What a marvelous idea! Then I don't have to stress about not having the same figure as the models - I can just pop them on the wall instead. Actually, it's not a crazy notion...

  4. Quite life like, the prints, aren't they? That one is from a series of wild animal faces - lions, bears and so on. 

  5. wow love the by-plane swimmer with the zip too fab for words !! le

  6. Yes they are very glamorous indeed. :)
    Have a great day!
    Victoria from Toronto.


  7. How awesome are the swimsuits with the sleeves! I'd give the ones with the dog and the bear a miss...
    Sar x 

  8. robinsonheather19/1/12 7:42 PM

    I reeeeally think that you need to have the same bodies as the models to wear these Virginia!


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