Jan 6, 2012

Friday Fun :: Life isn't so Serious, really...

Playing with scale, 
and playing with what we expect to perceive,
is all part of the fun of Tim Walker's 
fabulous photography.
And sometimes, 
especially on Fridays, 
it's a great little reminder 
that life doesn't always have to be 
quite so serious.

images: Tim Walker


  1. OHHHH you know how I adore Mr. Walker soooo much - these images and his self-portrait are fantabulos - happy weekend sweets, hope it is sunnier than ours,

  2. ahhh this is so refreshing!!  Love love the quote and the photos.  I think it's so important to remember not to take too much seriously.  And it's very freeing once you come to that place.  Thank you for this reminder.  Have a lovely weekend! xo

  3. Yes, I think people need to keep reminding themselves of this!
    Happy New Year gorgeous girl ... and have a wonderfully warm weekend (as I know Melbourne has been experiencing) ... I dont want to jinx it though!

  4. robinsonheather6/1/12 8:25 PM

    Oh we just watched the Tim Burton version of "Alice" and I liked it more this second go round! And of course Tim Walker's photography is always just lovely. Hope that you have a wonderful weekend--I imagine you diving into that pool of yours with just a touch of envy. :)

  5. penny viney7/1/12 8:06 AM

    Great photos! And great blog..... just discovered. Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather. 
    Fellow Melbourne blogger.

  6. Yep, sure do Anya! We share an admiration of his clever work, along with many other things we share - good taste being one of them! Haha! A sunny weekend - oh yes please, lapping it up! Sending over a bundle of warmth to you from Melbourne. Hope your weekend is lovely too. V xx

  7. Very freeing, yes I do believe you are right Rachel. Trouble is, we keep forgetting! Or maybe that is just me.... Hope you have a gorgeously glamourous weekend too! V xx

  8. Mmm....forecast for 29 degrees C today - just heaven! So you haven't jinxed it - but the order was very appreciated, thank you Marina! Vxx

  9. You know the first time I watched that version I honestly wasn't sure if I liked it or not. So I re-read the book, and decided that Burton had in fact absolutely "got it". I think he and Lewis Carroll may well have had much to discuss, if they had crossed time zones. And every time I have seen it since, I love it more. So much wisdom in Alice in Wonderland - I am forever quoting bits from it to the mystified and embarrassed looks of the children. 

    The pool...yes I think it will be a popular spot this weekend - we are finally getting our warm weather in Melbourne, so I can think of no finer place to drink a Hendrick's and Tonic than while lying languorously beside the pool. I shall toast in your honour, as we discuss our trip to France this time next year. SO EXCITED!!! V xx

  10. robinsonheather8/1/12 12:14 AM

    Yipeee! Toast received, thank you very much. And to think today, I wore my opera length cashmere gloves! Sigh. Yes and as far as your planning is concerned, I vote for four to five days in Paris and then the rest of the time in PROVENCE. Heehee. Ok a tad bit selfish on my part but there you have it. :)

    Tim Burton is a hero of mine--and I don't use that word lightly. His movies helped me so much--I was such an outsider--when I was younger. I met him once in New York and he was just the nicest man to boot. And yes, I agree much wisdom in Alice!

  11. Fantastic Quote!   Having a sense of humour is a good thing!

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious


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