Jan 27, 2012

Friday Fun :: "Dressing" Hotel Rooms :: Fashion orientated Hotel in Amsterdam

Part of the fun of going on holidays is staying somewhere
quite different from home. 
And that idea has been taken quite literally in the new
 Exchange Hotel in Amsterdam.
The rooms have been designed by fashion students,
so each is quite unique.

Students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute
were asked to "dress" the rooms. 
So every room is pure fantasy & fun.
With quite beautiful results. 

It's rather fun, don't you think?

images & details: Hotel Exchange, Amsterdam


  1. Kellygreentheblog27/1/12 11:33 AM

    Fun yes! Although some are a little creepy! I like to relax on holiday to and i think i may be too freaked out to find some of these rooms that condisuve to sleep! Mmmmm, very thought provocative. KG xx

  2. Georgica Pond27/1/12 5:01 PM

    Fun, creative and out there, but not the stuff of relaxation and a good night's sleep !


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