Jan 17, 2012

A dramatically beautiful home

If drama is your calling card,
and you don't mind sleeping in a place where a thousand voices
have once sung in heavenly choirs,
then this somewhat extraordinary home may just be for you.
Spot the stained glass?
The home was originally the John Knox church, 
built in 1876 in the seaside Melbourne suburb of Brighton.
 Under the guide of architects Williams Boag
the church was adapted for modern residential life,
but still retains the majesty and drama of its original use.
Highly polished Spotted Gum floorboards have been laid throughout,
 as a warm foil to the soaring spaces.
 An entertaining pavilion has been added,
with its own kitchen,
in equally theatrical materials of zinc and corten steel.
(The 2nd image above is the interior of this pavilion.)
It's wonderful to see an example of a church conversion
which has been handled with such delicacy & boldness all at once.

Definitely something for the dramatic of heart.
Would you love to live here?

Details: agents
Location: 69 North Rd Brighton, Melbourne
Architects: Williams Boag


  1. Can I just have the pavilion?!! I love the zinc? roof. I'd like it at  beach somewhere please. 

  2. Something Gorgeous17/1/12 8:33 AM

    That sloping window in the kitchen/family room is amazing. x

  3. That's interesting Penny - because I felt the same way - which is why I put the interior of the pavilion in the top part of the post. That clerestory window and the folded ceiling has just grabbed me! 

  4. I think I could spend hours just sitting in that space staring at that sloping window....

  5. Jane and Lance Hattatt17/1/12 8:55 AM

    Hello Virginia:
    This church conversion has certainly been handled with confidence. The spaces have been created particularly cleverly, always retaining the height and light of the original building. We like the way that the house is furnished in an interesting mix of contemporary and traditional styles, all serving to highlight the best of the old and new. And, as if the house did not provide riches enough, there is the entertaining pavilion. What fun!

  6. Really fun and clever, as long as people don't try to get in to pray....and all that!  Think about wedding requests!

  7. Love the windows and the entertainment pavilion - cute and gorgeous Virginia,

  8. GorgeousGlam18/1/12 7:19 AM

    Those stained glass windows are breathtaking! I can imagine taking a bubble bath in there somehow!

  9. robinsonheather18/1/12 9:35 AM

    Wake me up when this is mine, please. I know that you will do your very best to make it happen. Merci! :)

  10. Wow this is absolutely amazing!  YES, I would love to live here... I'm fascinated by old churches and I think this idea is simply brilliant!!  Ahhhh the stain glass... just perfect.  xo Rachel

  11. PS. just pinned this... :)

  12. Totally blown away by this. I have seen church conversions before but never this dramatic or contemporary! Stunning!


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