Jan 27, 2012

Designer to Watch: Natalia Grzybowski

Scoops of vanilla icecream and meringue,
gently folded into peaks and swirls...
...decorated with candied flowers.  
A luscious dessert?
Not quite.
They are the creations of young fashion design graduate 
Natalia Grzybowski,
as part of her degree at the University of Technology, Sydney.

And this is the collection which captured 
the judge's attention at an industry award recently.

Made up of simple, fresh white & a series of extraordinary 
printed fabrics, her collection has that elusive "look twice" factor.

The winning prize from AINYFF includes an internship with a 
fashion house in NYC for 6 months. 
If she can dream up such beautiful designs while a student, 
just imagine what a few year's experience will allow her to create.

Definitely a young designer to watch. 

Details of the AINYFF award here.


  1. An amazing talent ... I'm sure she will go far. The printed (? digital) fabrics remind me a little of Mary Katrantzou's prints.
    Thanks for sharing Virginia ... have a gorgeous weekend hon

  2. Sarah Woods27/1/12 9:41 PM

    Amazing creations, I'm quite amazed, can you imagine how they we're put together? She's going to take the world by storm for sure.
    Very wet and soggy up here in Brissy.
    Sar x

  3. Amazing sculptural creations - wow absolutely gorgeous.
    Happy weekend dear Virginia.

  4. Jane and Lance Hattatt28/1/12 2:13 AM

    Hello Virginia:
    When is a piece of sculpture a dress? When it is designed by Natalia Grzybowski !! Such an original thinker, we are not surprised that she has been scooped up....just like one of her ice cream creations!!

  5. Ephemerette28/1/12 9:49 PM

    I LOVE this collection! What a talent.

  6. Oh I want to eat that off her back!


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