Jan 6, 2012

A country house with a twist...by Greg Natale

Delivering signature Greg Natale bold design,
this freshly revitalised country house in the NSW southern highlands
uses a very disciplined palette to create a home
balancing large & small scale details.
Predominantly a base of greys, blacks & whites,
small shots of pure colour have been allowed 
in key areas - to create that glamourous twist of drama.
And there is almost a touch of whimsy,
in details like this intricately patterned kitchen splashback.
Beautiful joinery detailing which invites the eye to linger a while.
It's a very formal house - so it's not for everyone. 
But the careful use of symmetry & proportion creates a space
of quiet & calm. 
And it certainly exudes that glamour for which Greg Natale 
has become known. 
With an almost Deco reference,
the house carries the new design theme throughout every room,
maintaining that sense of drama, with a twist.

Do you like it?

Property: Twomey Country House.
Images: Greg Natale Design 


  1. This house is my all time favourite design by Greg Natale. The beautiful rugs and carpets, incredible moulding, simple yet dramatic colour scheme, and that amazing black kitchen. So beautiful!

  2. Hi Anna! Is it? I cannot decide which is mine, you know! But there is a pattern in his work - they DO all seem to be getting more and more glamourous, with more understanding of how pattern and texture change the scale and atmosphere of a space, would you say? And that can only be a good thing. Bring on more glamour! V xx

  3. kylie fowler7/1/12 5:52 PM

    I think that home is absolutely beautiful. My home is certainly not formal but the look certainly suits the Southern Highlands.

  4. Yes, I think you are spot on there - it is perfect for its location. V xx

  5. robinsonheather8/1/12 12:09 AM

    Oooh. This house makes me want to put on a silk bias cut gown and pour myself a martini. Geez Louise, you don't get much more glamorous than this now do you? It's inasane. Buuut, in the country? Isn't the country where one goes to let her hair down, so to speak? To walk in the fields and then kick off your muddy boots at the entryway? It would take one sacré femme to be so at ease in this environment. 

  6. Hi there, you have the most beautiful blog. I feel like I'm paging through a magazine. This is some fantastic decor inspiration, I love the elegance of black & white

  7. so much to love here - especially at that gray and the black and white patterns. my favorites...donna

  8. I love it! It exudes so much glamour, with wonderful pops of colour ... stunning!
    And I love even more the fact that its in the country ....
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  9. Mel@Georgica Pond15/1/12 10:47 AM

    Love it- it's one of my favourites of his. Wish I knew where it was in the Highlands so I could do a drive by!


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