Jan 5, 2012

Cooking: Raspberry & Oregano Chicken Salad

Finding a salad the whole family will eat without complaint
isn't so easy in my house.
But this one, which I experimented with last night, 
went down with nary a whisper of grumbling.
Using fresh mango in the dressing,
it is a refreshing & simple salad with the crunch of garlic croutons,
the tangy sweetness of raspberries & the bite of aged parmesan.

By poaching the chicken first, 
then roasting it briefly, 
it is incredibly moist and tender. 
But of course you can cook it just by either method, 
to save time.
(I only discovered this double cooking method
because I had poached chicken 
the night before, in preparation for this salad,
when the other half decided 
that we needed to go to Half Moon Bay 
for fish & chips on the beach for dinner.
Which was lovely.
So the chicken got popped into the fridge for later.) 
 Normally it is Rumbah, the lorrikeet, 
that I have to deal with when making salad, 
as he likes to eat the vegetables as I am chopping.
But this time, it was my husband's hand 
which kept creeping onto the plate to steal morsels!

recipe & images: blue fruit 


  1. Heather in Arles5/1/12 6:14 AM

    Heeheehee! Ooh, you have to keep an eye out for those sneak attacks! Now this sounds crazily delicious (and the opposite of the sauce laden winter offerings that we are currently chowing down) and I will have to try it--but admittedly, I will buy a roasted organic chickie from the market instead because I am downright lazy. 

    I forgot to wish Rhumba a Happy New Year too! :)

  2. Yes, especially when I am wielding a large chopping knife! The joys of living near a market with roasted organic, free range chooks...ah you are lucky! 

    I have passed on your happy wishes to the crazy bird, and he cocked his head on one side to listen politely. Rah-rah, he replied. Which I think means "I hope the French birds do too." V xx

  3. Heather in Arles6/1/12 6:10 AM

    Or maybe he was wishing ME a happy new year? :) Yep, for sure one thing you would appreciate about living in France: they don't tolerate crap in the food. No cloning, no genetically modified anything, no hormones or softening agents for meats (which means that I have been able to taste a bit of beef again after 20 years of it making me violently ill in the States--I don't have it often but at least it is an option). 

    But yes, if you want to buy already cooked organic chickens here you betta be ready to fork over some serious cash! ;)


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