Dec 29, 2011

Storage Solutions: Handbags on Display

 I have a confession.
I am completely powerless to resist the lure of a sweet handbag.
My son counted the collection the other day: 54.
Most of which are vintage. 
{1950s handbags are my biggest weakness.}
But the problem is: where to store them?
Some of them are in the wardrobe...but they seem to be spilling out...
I have already taken over a bedroom wall,
where they hang about with some hats.
{So far, my husband is just amused...}

Which works well for this 1940s hand-tatted bag.
And this 1930s German evening bag made from crystal.
Others are draped over any piece of furniture which isn't nailed down,
like on this Edwardian dresser in the hallway.

So I have been hunting for other ideas to display them.
In this apartment in Paris, handbags are on display, as part of the decor.
Then again, on a fancy wall they look pretty cool.
Working the drips of gold paint into hooks would hold a few...
 And simple symmetry on hooks works a treat every time.
 Of course, I could edit the number down a little,
but you just never know when you may need a handbag
in orange, or blue, or pink, or red, or black, or straw, or cotton, or gold....

images: 1; 2/3/4/5: blue fruit; 67891011


  1. LR @ Magnificent or Egregious29/12/11 12:37 PM

    So many nice handbags....sigh....I like those display ideas!

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  2. Heather in Arles29/12/11 9:02 PM

    Heeheehee. That's my girl, 54! Like my clothes, my bags have been edited down to just my very very favorites. But if you have the space or the great ideas for display, why not?

  3. Absolutely, although it has become a bit of a family joke. Like on the lines of "uh-oh, don't let Mum go in that vintage shop, you know what will happen...". But I figure everybody has their vices, right? And mine could be worse than collecting handbags... V xx

  4. I sense a girl after my own heart? V xx


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