Dec 6, 2011

Something Old and Something New...

A 91 year old grandfather 
plays horses on broomsticks with his granddaughter.
It's a fabulous reminder 
that one is simply never too old to play.

{This photo is part of the Getty Images "Grab" competition for amateur photographers, 
currently on display at Showcase Gallery. The theme was Captured Moments,
and the expression on the young girl's face sure is that. Photo by Paul Watson.}


  1. So adorable I love to see images like this!! Thank you for putting a smile on my face!

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    Art by Karena

  2. renee finberg6/12/11 10:15 AM

    this is so sweet.
    those were the days......
    when i had my grandfather to play with!!!


  3. Hello Karena! Yes, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling too when I found it. Something wonderful about the very old and the very young, and how much joy they can bring to each other. V xx

  4. Hi Renee! She is lucky to have a grandfather of 91, isn't she? And even better, one who plays. Sounds like you were lucky then, too, to have one who wanted to play with you. Then you have wonderful memories. V xx

  5. Georgica Pond6/12/11 11:15 AM

    Reminds me of my Dad playing with my little boy Charlie, so precious and invaluable those memories. 

  6. Georgica Pond6/12/11 11:17 AM

    PS thank you for your beautiful message the other day, very sweet of you and made me feel so warm and fuzzy. Of course it's those sorts of things that kids remember and treasure, I did as a kid. Charlie is actually thrilled to be having Christmas at his grandparents, as long as Santa remembers where he is. 

  7. Tamra Sanford6/12/11 3:42 PM

    How precious is that photo and the story behind it!  Warms my heart.  I never had a grandpa, but the one I imagined having would be just like him :)

  8. Hi there Virginia!

    Thank you so much for your comment! Made me so happy to see you are still following. 

    I love the redesign on your blog and the playful moment is such a treasure. Thank you for beeing there in Melbourn putting a smile on my face in Rosendal.

    And the giraff. I love the giraff photo too :) I have to go and do some blogging. ;)

  9. robinsonheather7/12/11 9:16 AM

    Absolutely gorgeous. I can't say that I ever had such a grandfather but it makes me appreciate it all the more for this little one! 

  10. Glad you are feeling better Mel. And I meant every word I said. So sometimes the cloud has a silver lining. V xx

  11. Thank you and delighted to be putting a smile on your face ~ although I think there is generally one attached there anyway with your sunny nature. V xx

  12. Yes, I think that's the saddest thing - that most of us haven't had the experience of a grandfather like this. I am thrilled that my own father plays this silly role with my children, though. And they respect his serious side all the more because of the silly side. V xx


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