Dec 29, 2011

NYE Inspiration: Hairstyles: DIY braided bun

If there is one night of the year to try a truly glamourous hairstyle,
New Year's Eve is it.
And I am thinking that this braided bun,
made easy in a step by step tutorial by the Beauty Department
may just be the perfect style for an evening of elegance & sparkles.
As the clock ticks down the few days left till the end of the year,
I love this reflective week between Christmas & NYE.
Suddenly, everything is more relaxed & anything is possible.
There is time to talk, and time to laugh.
Time for plans, and time for dreams. 


  1. Hello darling!  I absolutely love the elegance of New Year's and this is such a lovely braided bun for the occasion!  Wishing you a spectacular New Year... thank you for being a beautiful part of my 2011! xoxo Rachel

  2. Dear Virginia, Merry Christmas (belated - sorry we were away) Hope you had a fantastic time and I look forward to reading more from your lovely blog in 2012.
    All the best

  3. Sarah Klassen31/12/11 8:30 AM

    So fabulous—I wish that I could re-create this hairstyle :)


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